ITOP Santa Fe Meeting, 16-20 May 2011


May 16-20, 2011
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Voice recordings are available for many of the presentations. Click on the [WMA] link to access the voice recording for the respective presentation.

Monday, 16 May 2011

1:00-3:00 PMChaco Foyer - pre-registration

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

7:00 AM Breakfast
Overview - Chaco Ballroom, Moderator - Eric D'Asaro
8:30 AM Wecome and Introduction - Linwood Vincent and David Tang
8:45 AM ITOP data archiving tasks - Jim Moore and Mike Godin
9:00 AM ITOP Overview - Pat Harr and Eric D'Asaro
Moored Measurements, Moderator - Eric D'Asaro
9:15 AMMoored Measurement Results - David Tang
9:30 AM Meso-scale structure observed by ITOP T-string moorings - I-Huan Lee
9:45 AM Overview of the ITOP 2010 Measurements from the UM ASIS and EASI Buoys - N. Williams
10:00 AM Preliminary Results from the ASIS and EASI Buoys during ITOP 2010 - H. Graber
10:15 AMBreak for Coffee and Discussion
Internal Tides, Moderator - Hans Graber
10:45 AM Variations of internal wave surging east of Dongsha Atoll SCS - [WMA] - YuHuai Wang
11:00 AM A Perfect Focus of the Internal Tide from the Mariana Arc - [WMA] - Eric D'Asaro
11:15 AM Nonlinear Internal Waves East of the Luzon Strait - [WMA] - Chris Jackson
Typhoon Fanapi, Moderator - Hans Graber
11:30 AM EM-APEX Floats Observations in Typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - R.C. Lien
11:45 AM Coordinated Sampling of the Cold Wake of Typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - Luc Rainville
12:00 PM Atmosphere-Ocean Observations from Air-Deployed Drifters During Typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - L. Centurioni
12:15-1:15 PMLunch Break
1:15 PM Typhoon Fanapi (continued), Moderator - Peter Sullivan
1:15 PMChanges in ocean properties after typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - CC-Hung
1:30 PMTurbulence in the Cold Wake of Typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - Steve Jayne
1:45 PMUncovering the Wake of Typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - Rosalinda Fortier
Typhoon Malakas, Moderator - Peter Sullivan
2:00 PM Atmosphere and Ocean Characteristics During TY Malakas - [WMA] - Patrick Harr
SuperTyphoon Megi, Moderator - Peter Sullivan
2:15 PM Lagrangian Float Deployments during ITOP - [WMA] - Eric D'Asaro
2:30 PMAXCTDs during ITOP: Performance and Preliminary Results - [WMA] - S. Daniel Jacob
2:45 PMBiogeochemical changes in the Wake of T. Megi - [WMA] - Craig McNeil
3:00 PMComparison of ocean's biogeochemical responses by super-typhoon Megi in the Western North Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea - [WMA] - Chun-Chieh Lien
3:15 PM Break for Coffee and Discussion
Air-Sea interactions and Boundary layers, Moderator - Ren Chieh Lien
3:45 PMDeployment of AXBT's from WC-130J aircraft during ITOP - [WMA] - Peter G. Black
4:00 PMPre-Genesis Monitoring of the 3-D Atmospheric and Oceanic Environment Via High Altitude Aircraft Observations - [WMA] - Jeff Hawkins
4:15 PM Extreme Wind Boundary Layer Structure in STY Megi and Jangmi - [WMA] - Peter G. Black
4:30 PMOperational Satellite-Derived Upper Ocean Thermal Structure for the ITOP Field Experiment and Comparison with the ITOP's Observation - [WMA] - Iam-Fei Pun
4:45 PMOcean's Impact on the Intensity of Three Recent Typhoons (Fanapi, Malakas, and Megi) - Results from the ITOP Experiment - I.-I. Lin
5:00 PMEffects of preexisting cyclonic eddies on ocean responses to typhoons in the NW Pacific - [WMA] - Zhe-Wen Zheng

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

7:30 AMBreakfast
Modelling, Moderator - Rosalinda Fortier
8:30 AM Aspects of the ocean response to typhoon Megi — very small, but very intense - [WMA] - Jim Price
8:45 AMTyphoon Impacts on the Western Pacific: Internal Tides and Real-Time Ocean Prediction - [WMA] - D. S. Ko
9:00 AMAn overview of COAMPS®-TC Forecasts and Targeting for ITOP - [WMA] - Sue Chen
9:15 AM Cold Wake in Coupled COAMPS-TC Forecasts of Typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - Shouping Wang
9:30 AMAir-Ocean-Wave Coupling of Typhoon Fanapi (ITOP 2010) - [WMA] - Rick Allard
9:45 AM Integrating Atmospheric Observations of ITOP in a High-Resolution Mesoscale Model Based on EnKF Data Assimilation - [WMA] - Chun-Chieh Wu (given by Pat Harr)
10:00 AMMulti-scale Coupled Observations and Modeling of Tropical Cyclones in ITOP/TCS10 - [WMA] - Shuyi Chen
10:15 AM Effect of Stable Boundary Layer over the Cold Wake on TC Structure in Typhoon Fanapi - [WMA] - Chiaying Lee
10:30 AM High Resolution Fully Coupled Forecasts of Typhoons during ITOP - [WMA] - Brandon Kerns
10:45 AMBreak for Coffee and Discussion, Moderator - to I.-I. Lin
11:15 AM Langmuir Turbulence Driven by Hurricane Winds and Waves - [WMA] - Peter Sullivan
11:30 AMParameterization of Langmuir turbulence - [WMA1] [WMA2] - Ramsey Harcourt
11:45 AMPerformance of ECMWF 32-day ensemble for support of ITOP planning activities - [WMA] - R.Elsberry
12:00 PMLUNCH - No meeting in afternoon - enjoy Sante Fe

Thursday, 19 May 2011

7:30 AMBreakfast
SAR Results, Moderator - Pat Harr
8:30 AMIntro to SAR talks - [WMA] - H. Graber
8:45 AMStatus of SAR Wind Processing System - [WMA] - M. Caruso
9:00 AMOverview of SAR Wind Processing & Projection-Based Wind Direction Retrieval - [WMA] - C. Wackerman
9:15 AM Local Gradient SAR Wind Directions and H-Wind SAR Winds - [WMA] - J. Horstmann
9:30 AM Sea-level Pressure and Surface Wind Retrievals Derived From Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar Images of Tropical Cyclones During ITOP - [WMA] - R. Foster
9:45 AMTwo-Scale SAR Wave Retrievals - [WMA] - C. Wackerman
10:00 AM Wave Estimates From ScanSAR Data: Old Problems, New Solutions - [WMA] - R. Romeiser
10:15 AM SAR Wrapup - [WMA] - H. Graber
10:30 AM Break for coffee and discussion
Cyberinfrastructure, Moderator - I.-I. Lin
11:00 AMITOP-2010 Data Management Support at NCAR/EOL - [WMA] - Jim Moore
11:45 AM ITOP Near Real-Time and Science Satellite Data Products - [WMA] - J. Hawkins
12:00 PM ITOP-2010 USAF C-130 Dropsonde Data Quality Control - [WMA] - Scot Loehrer
12:15 PMApplication of the 'CoSci' Collaborative Science Portal for Data Discussion, Data Discovery, and Scientific Publication Coordination - [WMA] - Mike Godin
12:30-1:30 PMLunch Break
1:30 PM Working group Intro - Linwood and D'Asaro
1:45 PM Working Groups I - includes break
3:15 PM Reconvene for presentation
Fanapi Working Group
Malakas Working Group
Megi Working Group
3:45 PM Working Groups II - includes break
5:15 PM Reconvene for presentation
Surface Analyses Working Group
Internal Tide/Inertial Motion Working Group
ITOP Reanalysis Working Group

Friday, 20 May 2011

7:30 AMBreakfast
8:30 AMReports from Working Groups
9:00 AMWorking Groups III and Final Assignments
10:30 AMReports from Working Groups
Surface Waves & Air-Sea Fluxes Working Group
Cold Wake - Atmospheric Interaction Working Group
11:00 AMITOP Accomplishments
11:30 AMITOP Future - Linwood Vincent
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PMMeeting Finished

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