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Gary Granger

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Atmospheric Technology Division


Table of Contents
1. Operator Basics
Font Conventions
Frequently Used Terms
Window System Basics
The ISS Display
Icons and Menus
The Graphics Window
The Event Logger Window
The Data Inventory and Last Data Displays
UNIX Basics
UNIX Commands
Shutting Down
2. Normal Operations
Starting the ISS Workstation System
Daily Procedures
Creating Jaz Data Disks
Swapping Data Disks
The Archiver Tool
Operating the Archiver
Checking the Archiver
More Archiver Information
The Ingest Scheduler
Backing Up the System
Jaz Utilities
Other Checks and Tools
Data Checks
Checking Disk Space
Status Scripts
Finding More Help
3. Operations for the End of a Project
Archiving Files to the Jaz Disk
Finishing the Archiver
Write Protecting Jaz Disks
4. Installation
Booting the New Installation
5. Configuration
Configuration in Two Parts
Configuration of the ISS Modules
Ingest Modules
Surface Ingest Configuration
Network Configuration
PPP Configuration
Samba Configuration
Completing the Configuration
Manual Configuration
6. Overview of ISS Data Streams
Profiler Consensus Data
Profiler Serial Output Moments Data (SOAP)
NCAR Improved Moments Processing
GLASS Sounding Files
Surface Data
Replacing the Jaz Disk with RAID or Online Storage
Data Transfers
7. Technical Overview
Directory Structure
System Startup and Shutdown
Solaris Root Startup
Linux Root Startup
ISS Startup
Display Startup
Normal Display Startup
Manual Display Startup
Zebra Project Configuration
8. Data Transfers
Scheduling Data Transfers
Sending Data
9. Networking
Behind the Scenes
PPP Networking
ISP Setup
PPP Troubleshooting
Daemon Debugging
Manual Logins with Kermit
PPP Resources
Secure Shell
Overview of Secure Shell
Troubleshooting Secure Shell
Security Concerns
Networking Windows Machines
Configuring Windows for DHCP
Mapping the K Drive
Accessing the Jaz Drive From Windows
10. ISS Source Tree
Directory Structure
Building ISS
Behind the Scenes
A. Creating the NVRAM alias for the Jaz disk drive
B. Using Campbell Ingest Separate from an ISS Installation
List of Tables
2-1. Archiver Status Messages
7-1. ISS Directories
7-2. ISS Directory Resources
List of Figures
1-1. IconBar Window
1-2. EventLogger Window
1-3. Clock Window
1-4. A Graphics Window Showing a Solar Radiation Plot
1-5. Data Store Inventory Main Window
1-6. Last Data Window
2-1. The Archiver Window