The following Workshop presentations are password protected for access by
ITOP investigators only.

Monday, 26 March

08:00 am   Meeting room open

09:30 am   Greetings (Taiwan organizers, ONR)

10:00 am    ITOP Meteorology Overview  (Pete Black/Pat Harr)

11:15 am    ITOP Taiwan (II Lin)

12:15 am   Lunch

01:15 pm   ITOP Oceanography (Eric D'Asaro)

02:00 pm   ITOP Modeling (Shuyi Chen)

03:00 pm   ITOP Remote Sensing (Hans Graber)

03:20 pm   Break

04:00 pm   Breakout Groups

05:00 pm   Adjourn

Tuesday, 27 March

08:00 am   Meeting Room Open

08:30 am   Breakout Group Reports - TC Structure and Ocean Forced Response (short presentations - Ko - internal tides and Luca - inertial motions and Andy - near-inertial waves)

10:30 pm   Break

11:00 am   Breakout Groups

12:00 pm   Lunch 

02:00 pm   Breakout Group Reports - TC and Wakes

03:00 pm   Data Archives (AXBT Processing [Pat Harr] and NCAR/EOL [Scot Loehrer] and MBARI [Dorota Kobler])

03:30 pm   Break

03:50 pm   Papers/Products/Analyses

05:00 pm   Adjourn

Wednesday, 28 March

08:00 am   Meeting Room Open

08:30 am   Journal Discussions

10:30 pm   Wrapup Discussions

11:00 am   End of Workshop

To request password access, contact:

Scot Loehrer, NCAR/EOL
loehrer AT

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