AGU Fall Meeting, DYNAMO MJO Sessions

3-7 December 2012
San Francisco, CA

Monday, 3 December 2012

A11M. Atmospheric and Oceanic Variability Associated With the MJO in the Tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans I
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM; 3008 (Moscone West)

0800A11M-01. Overview of ARM observations during the ARM MJO Investigation Experiment (AMIE) - (Long)
0815Overview of Aircraft Observations in DYNAMO: Emerging Science in MJO - (Chen)
0830A11M-03. DYNAMO Convective System Structure During Active and Suppressed Phases of the MJO - (Jorgensen)
0845A11M-04. Abrupt Cooling and the Oceanic Rossby Wave Observed during CINDY2011 - (Seiki)
0900A11M-05. Radar analysis of precipitation influenced by tropical cyclone – Madden-Julian Oscillation interaction during DYNAMO - (Thompson)
0915A11M-06. Evolution of Precipitating Convective Systems over the Equatorial Indian Ocean in Active Phases of the MJO - (Zuluaga)
0930A11M-07. Evolution of convective systems in the different stages of the intraseasonal variability in the southern tropical Indian Ocean during CINDY2011 - (Katsumata)
0945A11M-08. Properties of MJO Convection Diagnosed from DYNAMO/CINDY/AMIE Sounding Arrays - (Johnson)

A12C. Atmospheric and Oceanic Variability Associated With the MJO in the Tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans II
10:20 AM - 12:20 PM; 3008 (Moscone West)

1020A12C-01. The dynamics of wind-driven intraseasonal variability in the equatorial Indian Ocean (Invited) - (Nagura)
1035A12C-02. Variability of the Seychelles Dome and its possible connection to the Madden-Julian Oscillation (Invited) - (Tozuka)
1050A12C-03. Aircraft Measurements of the Atmosphere and the Upper Ocean During DYNAMO Using NOAA P-3 - (Q. Wang)
1105A12C-04. Air-Sea Interaction during active and suppressed phases of the MJO - (Khelif)
1120A12C-05. Evaporative cold pools enhance air-sea fluxes in DYNAMO - (de Szoeke)
1135A12C-06. Variations of Surface Mixed Layer Heat Budget in Central Indian Ocean during DYNAMO - (Chi)
1150A12C-07. SeaGlider observations of temperature and salinity in diurnal to intraseasonal timescales during DYNAMO - (Baranowski)
1205A12C-08. DYNAMO Leg IV: Observation of Horizontal Variations in Diurnal Surface Heating Layer, Noctural Convections, and Internal Waves using Wirewalkers - (Nguyen)

A13A. Atmospheric and Oceanic Variability Associated With the MJO in the Tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans III Posters
1:40 PM - 6:00 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South)

1340A13A-0199. Moisture Variability over the Maritime Continent During the Coordinated MJO Field Campaign in 2011-12 - (Yoneyama)
1340A13A-0200. The Precipitating Cloud Population of the MJO and its Relation to Large-Scale Atmospheric Conditions - (Barnes)
1340A13A-0201. Comparison of Mean States and MJO Events during MISMO and DYNAMO Field Campaigns - (Benedict)
1340A13A-0202. The diurnal cycle in the atmosphere and ocean during DYNAMO - (Flatau)
1340A13A-0203. Daily simulation using a three-dimensional atmosphere-ocean regional coupled model, CReSS-NHOES over the CINDY/DYNAMO observation region - (Shinoda)
1340A13A-0204. WRF Modeling of the Madden-Julian Oscillation during AMIE/DYNAMO Field Campaign - (Li)
1340A13A-0205. Radar Observations of MJO/Wave Interactions During DYNAMO/CINDY2011/AMIE - (DePasquale)
1340A13A-0206. Comparison of Mesoscale Convective Systems During DYNAMO - (Rowe)
1340A13A-0207. The occurrence of thin cirrus clouds with short-period gravity waves over the tropical Indian Ocean during CINDY2011/DYNAMO - (Suzuki)
1340A13A-0208. Internal versus boundary forced MJO variability in the DYNAMO region - (Thibaut)
1340A13A-0209. Evaluation of Model Operational Analyses during DYNAMO - (Ciesielski)
1340A13A-0210. Aircraft observations of convective characteristics throughout a Madden-Julian Oscillation event - (Guy)
1340A13A-0211. Convective Cold Pool Structure and Boundary Layer Recovery in DYNAMO - (Savarin)
1340A13A-0212. Satellite-Derived Cold Pool Activity, Convection and Moisture Evolution During MJO Initiation in the Indian Ocean - (Elsaesser)
1340A13A-0213. Contribution of tropical cyclone for the preconditioning of the Madden-Julian Oscillation during CINDY2011 - (Jubota)
1340A13A-0214. Seaglider Observations of Equatorial Ocean Rossby Wave Interactions With the Madden-Julian Oscillation During CINDY-DYNAMO - (Webber)
1340A13A-0215. Understanding the temporal characteristics of the Madden-Julian Oscillation - (Toma)
1340A13A-0216. Intraseasonal Variability in Coupled GCMs: The roles of ocean feedbacks, high-frequency SST variability, and cumulus parameterization - (DeMott)
1340A13A-0217. Variability in surface meteorological variables and surface fluxes over the tropical Indian Ocean during the CINDY2011/DYNAMO campaign - (Yokoi)
1340A13A-0218. Comparison of Oregon State University turbulent fluxes with COARE 3.0 bulk fluxes - (Marion)

A13B. Atmospheric and Oceanic Variability Associated With the MJO in the Tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans IV Posters
1:40 PM - 6:00 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South)

1340A13B-0219. Geographic differences in the vertical structure of the MJO from IGRA radiosonde data - (Straub)
1340A13B-0220. An MJO Index for the Western Hemisphere: Identifying the MJO's Impacts over North America - (Schreck)
1340A13B-0221. Real-time MJO Identification and Subseasonal Predictions - (Berry)
1340A13B-0222. The MJO-Kelvin wave transition - (Sobel)
1340A13B-0223. Mini MJO Events, or MJO-like Kelvin waves: A Discussion of Slow Eastward-Moving Convection in the Tropics - (Roundy)
1340A13B-0224. Kinematic analysis of the MJO by wind partitioning - (Adames-Corraliza)
1340A13B-0225. Formation and Development of Transient Eddies within an MJO - (Yasunaga)
1340A13B-0226. Influence of Convective Momentum Transport on Tropical Waves - (Zhou)
1340A13B-0227. Kelvin Waves and the Vertical Profile of Cumulus Entrainment - (Hannah)
1340A13B-0228. An Operational Approach to Predicting the Global Circlulation Impacts of Simultaneous Interaction between the MJO and Equatorial Rossby Waves - (Schiraldi)
1340A13B-0229. MJO and Kelvin Waves in Coherence Spectra of Moist Static Energy and Temperature and Their Sources - (Mykins)
1340A13B-0230. MJO concept, eastward propagation, teleconnections, and South American rainfall - (Hirata)
1340A13B-0231. The potential vorticity budget of the multi-scale models of the MJO - (Remmel)
1340A13B-0233. The MJO and global warming: A CCSM-4 study - (Subramanian)
1340A13B-0234. Exploring the Madden Julian Oscillation through superparameterized global hindcasts during the Year of Tropical Convection - (Pritchard)
1340A13B-0235. Cloud-resolving simulation of convective ensemble during TOGA-COARE using imposed and parameterized large-scale dynamics - (Wang)
1340A13B-0236. Air-sea Interaction Influence on the MJO propagation - (May)
1340A13B-0237. Indian Ocean Cross-equatorial Heat Transport Associated with the MJO - (Guan)
1340A13B-0238. Apparent Coupling between Atmospheric Convection and Oceanic Kelvin Waves - (Setzenfand)
1340A13B-0239. Investigation of physical processes for the Northern Hemisphere wintertime temperature anomalies induced by the Madden-Julian oscillation - (Lee)

A13O. Atmospheric and Oceanic Variability Associated With the MJO in the Tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans V
1:40 PM - 3:40 PM; 3008 (Moscone West)

1340A13O-01. Progress in Simulating Intraseasonal Variability in Climate Models (Invited) - (Sperber)
1355A13O-02. The MJO of the Future (Invited) - (Randall)
1410A13O-03. Simulations of the MJO events during the field campaign of 2011-12 by a global cloud-resolving model NICAM - (Miura)
1425A13O-04. MJO Initiation within a Lagrangian Atmospheric Model - (Haertel)
1440A13O-05. Stochastic and Deterministic Models for Tropical Convection - (Khouider)
1455A13O-06. Intraseasonal Forecasting of the MJO during DYNAMO/CINDY Period - (Fu)
1510A13O-07. Vertical Structure and Diabatic Processes of the MJO: Global Model Evaluation Project - (Waliser)
1525A13O-08. Propagating vs. Non-propagating MJO - (Kim)

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