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40 Sun 07-Jun-1992DATEL PROBLEMS: nonesrs
56 Mon 08-Jun-1992COVARs CRASHING: nonesrs
65 Mon 08-Jun-1992CHANGES TO Splus CONFIG FILES: nonesrs
66 Tue 09-Jun-1992AUTO_BKFILES RUNNING: nonesrs

40: SOFTWARE , Site none, Sun 07-Jun-1992 15:15:30 GMT, DATEL PROBLEMS:
	Using data_stats it was discovered that 
the data rate from the analog channels is not consistent. 
Adams like daisy, with 4 analog channels on, are giving 
20hz data at 60hz and 1hz data at 3hz. 
We will try the old datel software. Look for future 
reports on results! 
56: SOFTWARE , Site none, Mon 08-Jun-1992 04:41:00 GMT, COVARs CRASHING:
	The covars are crashing! At this 
point I do not know why. It maybe because 
I was doing some other covars on raw data files. 
We will see what happens over night. 
65: SOFTWARE , Site none, Mon 08-Jun-1992 23:59:40 GMT, CHANGES TO Splus CONFIG FILES:
	The special config files in /home/aster/ 
apps/sfun/FOOTPRINT92 have been modified to meet 
specific project needs. The daily routines are running 
for days 158 and on. I am having a hard time 
getting wx.plot to run for days 155 thru 157. 
A minor change was made to ustarL.plot; it was 
not plotting the zero line to 24 hours. 
66: SOFTWARE , Site none, Tue 09-Jun-1992 00:02:53 GMT, AUTO_BKFILES RUNNING:
	Auto_bkfile is running. It is setup 
in the crontab to execute at 30 minutes after 
00:00Z. It will print out a message to remind 
you to initialize a new tape for the next day.