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92 Tue 17-Oct-2006shortcut commands for the adamsAllHorst
91 Tue 17-Oct-2006restarting statsproc on adamsAllHorst
78 Sun 15-Oct-2006restarted adamsAllMartin
55 Wed 11-Oct-2006changed ncserver config on all systemsAllMartin
49 Sun 08-Oct-2006sw down from ~20UTC to 23UTC 08 OctSouthwestMartin
45 Sun 08-Oct-2006data_stats bad at wl, restarted wlWest_LowerMartin
33 Fri 06-Oct-2006gps fixed at wlWest_LowerMartin
27 Fri 06-Oct-2006spare etherant locatedAllMartin
26 Fri 06-Oct-2006etherant reset and flr restartedFloorMartin
24 Fri 06-Oct-2006wu restartedWest_UpperMartin
23 Fri 06-Oct-2006rim restartedRimMartin
16 Thu 05-Oct-2006kh2o statistics not being computedAllMartin
15 Thu 05-Oct-2006limited statistics enabled for crater systemsAllMartin
9 Thu 05-Oct-2006Stopped and started flr adamFloorHorst

92: Adam, Site All, Tue 17-Oct-2006 14:11:01 MST, shortcut commands for the adams
Gordon created some shortcut aliases on the adams for ease of use with the

adn	adam down
aup	adam up
ht 	halt
rb	reboot
rs 9	rserial /dev/ttyS9 adam
psd	ps for dsm processes
lsu	ls of usb drive (last two files)
ds	data_stats
nt	ntpq -p, lists timing statistics

These are located in /root/isff on the viper

91: Adam, Site All, Tue 17-Oct-2006 14:07:33 MST, restarting statsproc on adams
When the repeater fails, the stats_proc process may quit on the adams.
To restart, simply stop (adn) and start (aup) each station.  Gordon did
this this afternoon to restart data collection in the netcdf files.
78: Adam, Site All, Sun 15-Oct-2006 11:33:42 MST, restarted adams
Restarted the adam code on all adams except eu, since the statistics processing
stops when there is a network failure.

55: Adam, Site All, Wed 11-Oct-2006 14:45:24 MST, changed ncserver config on all systems
The batchPeriod parameter for ncserver was changed
from 300 to 86400, to see if this will cure the dropped
5 minute means for slow rate sensors.

All sites were stopped and started.
49: Adam, Site Southwest, Sun 08-Oct-2006 17:06:42 MST, sw down from ~20UTC to 23UTC 08 Oct
Data system was down while testing a
new Linux kernel.

It is running again now.
45: Adam, Site West_Lower, Sun 08-Oct-2006 11:32:55 MST, data_stats bad at wl, restarted wl
The data_stats at wl indicate a problem, 
so the dsm software was stopped and restarted.

33: Adam, Site West_Lower, Fri 06-Oct-2006 19:26:01 MST, gps fixed at wl
The gps at wl came back to life after I cycled power to it.
27: Adam, Site All, Fri 06-Oct-2006 17:08:43 MST, spare etherant located
The spare etherant is in the 
big white box (the one with 
a zillion latches) at flr.
26: Adam, Site Floor, Fri 06-Oct-2006 17:06:40 MST, etherant reset and flr restarted
Flr etherant had been down since early this AM.
Cycling power fixed it.

The data system had been running and archiving
locally during this time.

24: Adam, Site West_Upper, Fri 06-Oct-2006 11:29:56 MST, wu restarted
wu rebooted. Data collection started at 1820UTC

23: Adam, Site Rim, Fri 06-Oct-2006 11:24:35 MST, rim restarted
rim rebooted. Data collection started at 1820UTC

16: Adam, Site All, Thu 05-Oct-2006 19:46:17 MST, kh2o statistics not being computed
I realized that when I disbled the scalarflux
computation for kh2o, we lost the mean measurement
for kh2o as well. I set up a mean sample group for 
the kh2o on wu and wl, but for some reason they are 
not being computed.

Will attack it tomorrow.
15: Adam, Site All, Thu 05-Oct-2006 18:34:39 MST, limited statistics enabled for crater systems
Calculation of means was enabled in the configuration
files for wu, wl, flr, el and eu. 

editing was done on server, the xml files were
copied to their respective sites, statsproc was enabled
in, and the station was restarted. After half an
hour of operation, data_stats indicated that the stations 
were operating normally. The adam.log file was monitored,
and there were no messages indicating discarded samples.

I had tried enabling the sonic fluxes and scalar flux
at 3m on wu and wl. wu seemed to be able to handle
this, but wl couldn't.(wu has 4 sonics, wl has 5).

I then disabled scalar flux at 3m on wl, but it 
still seemed to have problems. The symptom was that 
the max times on data_stats were very large. Also 
there were discarded sample messages for SampleOutputBase, 
although I don't know what this means.

In any event, it seemed problematic to enable flux
calculations, so I didn't enable them for any of the 

9: Adam, Site Floor, Thu 05-Oct-2006 10:07:12 MST, Stopped and started flr adam
I accidently started additional dsm processes on the flr adam.
Stopped and restarted adam to kill them.