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Entry Date Title Site Author #Graphics
83 Sun 15-Oct-2006spare inverterBaseMartin
74 Sun 15-Oct-2006Refueled generator, fuel leakBaseHorst
54 Wed 11-Oct-2006refueld generatorBaseMartin
42 Sat 07-Oct-2006Searched for Voller inlet tubeAllHorst
8 Thu 05-Oct-2006Fuel cellFloorHorst

83: Power, Site Base, Sun 15-Oct-2006 17:22:28 MST, spare inverter
I have left a spare inverter in the base trailer (please return
to Charlie after project). If the inverter at the ap24 flakes 
out again (three strikes you're out), you can try swapping
in this spare.
74: Power, Site Base, Sun 15-Oct-2006 09:21:26 MST, Refueled generator, fuel leak
Refueled the generator today and noticed a steady fuel leak.  Called Jason to
hasten service visit.
54: Power, Site Base, Wed 11-Oct-2006 12:51:02 MST, refueld generator
refueled generator

42: Power, Site All, Sat 07-Oct-2006 17:58:37 MST, Searched for Voller inlet tube
Looked for Voller fuel cell inlet tube at all crater sites.  No luck.
8: Power, Site Floor, Thu 05-Oct-2006 09:17:51 MST, Fuel cell

Tried to install the Voler fuel cell but could not find the required stainless
steel rod required to connect the hydrogen bottle.  John and Kurt had previouslystarted to install the PowerPEM D35, but Steve prefers to use the Voler.  He 
would like it to be used to just charge spare batteries, independent of 
the solar panels.