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58 Thu 12-Oct-2006crater networking restoredAllMartin
57 Thu 12-Oct-2006crater networking down AllMartin
56 Wed 11-Oct-2006slow sensor means improvedAllMartin
44 Sat 07-Oct-2006krypton calibrations entered in configuration filesBaseMartin
31 Fri 06-Oct-2006all systems doing local stats; network is happyAllMartin
30 Fri 06-Oct-2006statsproc dies when network jamsAllMartin

58: Software, Site All, Thu 12-Oct-2006 13:38:20 MST, crater networking restored
Had to cycle the power switch on the
power inverter.
57: Software, Site All, Thu 12-Oct-2006 12:26:20 MST, crater networking down
The crater networking is down; appears to have stopped at
about 1520 UTC today. It looks like a problem with the ap24. 

I'll go take a look at it.

56: Software, Site All, Wed 11-Oct-2006 19:28:49 MST, slow sensor means improved
Changing the batchPeriod value for ncserver 
appears to have improved the reporting of 
the menas for the slow sensors. It didn't 
help with the dropped high speed samples from
the sonics at el and wl however.
44: Software, Site Base, Sat 07-Oct-2006 18:47:18 MST, krypton calibrations entered in configuration files
krypton calibrations were entered in the master isff.xml
and the individual station files (isff_*.xml).

31: Software, Site All, Fri 06-Oct-2006 19:10:00 MST, all systems doing local stats; network is happy
All systems are now calculating and transmitting
means, and sending to aster:nc_server. data_stats
on all systems look normal. Note that no 
cross products are being calculated.

Since we are doing local stats, I turned off 
the raw data transmission for sw and rim, and now the
network is very happy. Ping times to the .14
net are low ( < 8ms almost all of the time).

When you do something like a long listing
when logged into a dsm, the ping times will
jump up to 600 ms for a few frames, and
then the network will return quickly to 
the 8ms behavior).

I haven't seen the typical 3000-4000ms pings
that we were experienced before. It seems like 
sending the raw stream was creating a lot
interference which was choking up the RF
side of things.

A file transfer from flr to aster still runs
at ~5KB/s.


30: Software, Site All, Fri 06-Oct-2006 17:14:49 MST, statsproc dies when network jams
statsproc disappeared on three of the systems. These
systems also report a network failure from statsproc,
so I assume that this is the cause. The error
message, from adam.log, is:

Oct  6 17:35:59 eu statsproc: ncserver:\
  server:/usr/local/projects/METCRAX/netcdf/ \
  nc_server not responding: RPC: Unable to receive; \
  errno = Connection reset by peer , timeout=300 secs, ntry=2