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122 Tue 24-Oct-2006RF interference testOncley
89 Tue 17-Oct-2006Replaced inverter at the repeater siteRepeaterHorst
88 Mon 16-Oct-2006Recycled power on repeater inverter againRepeaterHorst
86 Mon 16-Oct-2006Repeater down again; fixedRepeaterHorst
81 Sun 15-Oct-2006network restored at euEast_UpperMartin
77 Sun 15-Oct-2006repeater upRepeaterMartin
75 Sun 15-Oct-2006Repeater down RepeaterHorst

122: Network, Site , Tue 24-Oct-2006 15:04:35 MST, RF interference test
We finally tried the test of network interference from the loggers.
From about 1100 to 1300, we progressively turned off the loggers and
receiving Xbee radios at wl, el, and eu.  (flr and wu are hardwired)
rim was still running.

Using simply "ping aster" (from both eu and el), I saw no difference -- 
usually about 5ms, but some much longer (130-480ms).  We restarted the
loggers in the reverse order.

89: Network, Site Repeater, Tue 17-Oct-2006 12:21:34 MST, Replaced inverter at the repeater site
The inverter at the repeater site stopped again this morning.  We replaced it 
with the inverter that Charlie left at the base.

88: Network, Site Repeater, Mon 16-Oct-2006 15:03:13 MST, Recycled power on repeater inverter again
The inverter at the repeater site did  not last very long. Recycled it again
around 14:45; double-checked with voltmeter several minutes later and still running. Logged into sw from isff at 15:05.

86: Network, Site Repeater, Mon 16-Oct-2006 11:38:28 MST, Repeater down again; fixed
It appears that the repeater quit at 8:25 again this morning.  Fixed by 
recyling power on the inverter at that site.

81: Network, Site East_Upper, Sun 15-Oct-2006 17:05:24 MST, network restored at eu
The power led on the etherant was on, but the
ethenet led and the wireless led were both dark.
Login over the serial connection showed that
the systems was still running and storing locally.

Power cycle on the etherant brought it right 
back and on the network.

This etherant went offline at around the time
that thinderstorms were in the area. We had
a similar experience a few days ago with the etherant 
at flr. Sebastion reported that they had lost
a couple of data loggers during the same period,probably 
due to lightning.
77: Network, Site Repeater, Sun 15-Oct-2006 11:29:01 MST, repeater up
Power light on the inverter was on. Red overload LED
was off. All normal. But output voltage of the wall 
wart for the ap24 was 0. Cycled the inverter power
switch, and the wall wart started producing
again. Checkeed 15 minutes later and power still 

Ap24 back online.

75: Network, Site Repeater, Sun 15-Oct-2006 09:59:07 MST, Repeater down
The ap22 repeater appears to have stopped at 8:25 local 10/15/06.  I recycled 
power on the inverter at that site, but did not bring it back.