OHHI Distinguished Scholars Program

The Distinguished Scholars program builds NOAA's capacity by bringing world-renowned scientists to work with the OHHI on cutting-edge oceans and human health science and its applications. Awards are made based on a competitive peer-review process that assesses cumulative scientific achievement, proposed collaboration with OHHI Centers, and expertise and engagement in interdisciplinary OHH research.

Rita Colwell picture

Dr. Rita Colwell

Distinguished University Professor Emerita

University of Maryland

Dr. Colwell is focusing her activities on genetic applications for disease surveillance in the marine environment and the development of integrated global observations for disease surveillance. Dr. Colwell is working with scientists at the OHH Center at the HML and the OHHI Program Office.

Podcast: Using Satellite and Ocean Observations to Predict Cholera Outbreaks (Feb 2009)

BBC: Satellites Map Cholera Outbreaks (Nov 2008)

Philip Roberts picture

Dr. Philip Roberts


Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Roberts is focusing on improving models for pathogen forecasting in the nearshore environment in the Great Lakes. He is working principally with the CEGLHH.

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