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OHHI Goals

Health Early Warning Systems (HEWS)

Lead the development of HEWS to forecast threats and predict long-term risks to human health throughout U.S. coastal and Great Lakes waters.

Health Benefits

Investigate and optimize health benefits from the sea.

Community Development

Develop a robust oceans and human health community working across disciplines and institutions to improve public health.

Latest News from the OHHI

New technology unveiled to test beach contamination in Michigan with the participation of the OHHI Center of Excellence for Great Lakes and Human Health. Read the full story at the Capital News Service.

OHHI supports development of marine sensors to detect human and wildlife health threats in coastal environments.

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OHHI Multimedia


Sea Lion Sickness

Learn more about sea lion sickness in this short video.

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Hear about how diseases found in dolphins are similar to humans in this podcast from the National Ocean Service.

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Interagency OHH Research Plan

Read the Interagency Oceans and Human Health Research Implementation Plan or the two page announcement.

More Reports and Publications

News Releases/Media


The Interagency Working Group on Climate Change and Health has released a white paper on human health and climate change. Learn all about it in the NOAA Press Release.

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OHHI Program Feature

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GreenGov Presidential Award Given to Interagency Team

NOAA, led by the OHHI as part of an interagency working team, was honored with the 2010 GreenGov Presidential Award in October for their publication of "A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change". The "Green Dream Team Award" recognizes "exceptional leadership by an interagency green team to effectively place a Federal sustainability idea into action". Over 300 applications were received for six categories of sustainable actions. The award was presented on behalf of the President by CEQ Chair Nancy Sutley. The report discusses what is known and the gaps in our understanding of the consequences of climate change on 11 major illness categories. NOAA Administrator, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, said of the report, "To mitigate and adapt to the health effects of climate change, we must first understand them. This report is a vital new roadmap for doing that. There is an urgent need to get started, and I am pleased that we can bring NOAA climate science and NOAA capabilities in linking ocean and human health and a range of other monitoring and prediction tools to the table".

View the Report or view the NOAA Press Relase announcing its release.

OHHI Meetings and Events

Recent Meetings and Events

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Vibrios in the Environment 2010

This meeting took place in Biloxi Mississippi from 7-12 November 2010 and focused on current research on Vibrio ecology and pathogenesis of humans and marine animals and also on the socioeconomics and public health impacts of Vibrio spp., as well as on current efforts to increase public safety through the development of improved risk assessment tools, early warning systems, improved hygiene, and post harvest treatments of shellfish. Media coverage of the event included an article in the Mississippi Press on the Deepwater Horizon oil plume and WLOX-TV on oil eating bacteria. For further information visit the Vibrios in the Environment 2010 conference web site.

OHHI National Advisory Panel Meeting

The OHHI Advisory Panel meeting took place 20-21 October 2010 in Washington, D.C. The meeting was to provide a programmatic overview and review of OHHI's Consortia for Graduate Training in OHH, provide AP input on the next phase of the OHHI Traineeship Program and OHHI recent activities and partnerships as well as to discuss connecting OHH science and scientists to the public health community. Further information on the meeting is available at the OHHI National Advisory Panel Meeting web site.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE): January 19 - 21, 2011

American Meterological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting: NOAA Oceans and Human Health Initiative (OHHI): Responses of pathogenic Vibrios to climate, climate change and implications for health early warning systems - January 25, 2011

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS): In Hot Water: Rising Public Health Concerns from Changing Ocean Conditions - February 19, 2011

Further information on these and other upcoming and past OHH-related meetings is available in the OHHI Calendar.

For Further Information

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