First Meeting of the GEWEX/CLIVAR/VAMOS

La Plata Basin Implementation Steering Group.

18-19 September 2006

Clube dos 500 Guaratinguetá SP Brasil

Participants List

Monday, 18 September  2006

14:00 Registration and Opening

14:15 Review of the Agenda

14:30 Presentations on the La Plata Basin Meteorology and Hydrology (15 minutes each)

General (45 min)

  • Overview E. Hugo Berbery 

  • Operational Activities, Data Center CPTEC. Maria Assunção Silva Dias

  • The Framework CIC project for La Plata Basin (GEF funded). Vicente Barros

  • Interdisciplinary Research under Climate Change: IAI-CRN II opportunities for collaboration with LPB. Ione Anderson

Predictability, Climate variability and Climate change (45 min)

  • Predictability in the Plata Basin: linkage to the THORPEX and GEWEX programs. Pedro Silva Dias

  • Operational Numerical Prediction (Medium range to Seasonal Prediction) at CPTEC. Marcelo Seluchi

  • Climate Change in La Plata Basin. José Marengo

16:30 Break

16:50 cont.

Land cover/land use Agriculture  (30 min)

  • CLARIS, A Europe-South America Network for Climate Change Assessment and Climate Impacts. Jean-Philippe Boulanger

Hydrologic issues (30 min)

18:00 Plenary discussion

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

8:30  The EU 7th Framework Programme and research opportunities for climate change research. Dr. Georgios Amanatidis

9:00 Observations (90 min)

10:30 Coffee Break

10:45 Break up in Working Groups

  • Field experiment/Climatic and Hydrologic monitoring

  • Modeling activities

Discussion and charge for the Working Groups

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Working groups meet again for preparation of synthesis

16:00 Presentation of WGs

18:30 End of workshop


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