ISFS Varied Reference Information

ASA Notes: Overview Presentation TinyOS Hints
    RF Radio Evaluation Overview RF Wireless Overview RF Link Budget Calc. Table
ISFS / Etc : ISFF Index Aster Field Guide (Old/linux) Calibration Lab. Ref.
    PAM Station Photos CVS Guide WWW-Stations Ref. (local access)
TidBits/Info. (Local)    Wireless-Networking-Overview Wire Size / Amps Optical Isolator Basics
    RS485/422 spec. Useful 422/485/Link USB inNutshell
    RF Connector Guide
NIDAS/DSM:     EOL Wiki Viper-Linux-Software
PP Presentations Planning Overview 11/04 Communications PC104 Hardware
  Enclosure Presentation Connector Panel
Interface Panels Excel Parts List Bulgin Connectors Bulgin Conn.Wiring
Power: copy of - Station Power Estimate Template.xls PCAPS Power Estimate Template.xls
Communications TeraBeam/Alico Wifi
Alico Router Ref. Manual (long) ... Dual Setup PPT ... Station Setup PPT
MaxStream Tid-Bits
MaxStream 9Xtend Modem ... Manual ... OEM
MaxStream XBEE-Pro Modem ... Manual ... OEM
MaxStream XStream Modem ... Manual
B&B RS232/422 OptoIsolater Garmin GPS Receiver
GOES Information: ISFS/GOES Wiki Page
PC104 / Boards PC104 Specification
Arcom Viper Manual Viper Data Sheet RedBoot Man.
Emerald MM-8 RS232 Chip Emerald MM-8 Data Sheet Emerald MM-8 Manual
Diamond Prometheus Diamond DMM32 16-bit A/D Diamond HE104 Power Supply
Diamond Jupiter DC/DC Power Supply Diamond GPIO-MM Wiki
Project Info.:     TREX Hot-Wire Interface CME Tsoil Array
    Niwot07 PAR Niwot08 PAR MOS Hints  

Old / PAM Quick References and Manuals


    Sonic / Anemometers: Campbell CSAT3 RMY Model 9101 / Manual
    Serializer/SOAD: PMB 68HC11 CPU-A/D Serial Board / Wiring Programming a Serializer
    Linux HC11 Cross Assemblers gnu Dev. Chain for 68HC11
    Radiation: Area of Influence on Radiometer Licor LI200SA REBs Q7 Net Radiometer
Eppley PIR/Glass-Wiring Eppley PIR schematic Eppley PYG Cabling
Proposed Catalytic De-Icer Ice Detector for Radiometers
    Temp./Humidity: NCAR Hygrothermometer Krypton Hygrometer Everest 4004.GL IRT
NCAR BandPass Hygrothermometer
    Soil: Campbell CS615 Moisture TP01 Thermal Property Probe
Trime Soil Moisture
REBs HFT3.1 Heat Flux Plate
    Pressure: Vaisala PTB220 Vaisala PTB100
    Moisture: ETI Noah-II Rain Guage Campbell SR50 Snow Depth
    Other: Licor 7500 Open Path CO2/H2O : See ISFS Wiki
KVH Compass

Campbell Logger: CR10X Specifications Wiring to EVE AM416 Multiplexer
    PC208W Software SC32a Sio OptoIsolater Programming a CR10 PROM
    CR10X-Maxstream RF Implementation