How To Program a Campbell CR10 UVPROM


1) Use PC208E software To create and test the logger program.

2) Open CR10 cannister Replace the existing UVPROM with the special PROM labeled:


3) Connect CR10 to host Run program TERM

This should be in the pc208e directory. Term is an old Campbell

DOS program which allows you to create a binary file.

4) Download new program To the CR10 using TERM and verify it is correct.

Note: Type ESC character to get the term command list.

D is the download command needed.

5) Create Binary Object P is the term program command needed. It will take about 60-sec.

6) Move Binary file to floppy

7) Run PROM writer software c:\ap\advin\advin (software installed on lab computer)

8) Select chip 27c series

9) Select device National 27c256

10) Select file Enter the filename of the binary you put on the floppy

11) Select format Binary

12) Select load file into the buffer space 0

13) Select PROM Put chip in programmer and select PROGRAM

14) Remove PROM Install in CR10

17) Run PC208E To verify the CR10 has the correct program.