On-Line SHEBA C-130 Data Documentation

Listed on this page are links to several documents which provide information on the quality and contents of the SHEBA C-130 data set.

In order to gain access to all of the available information and to make best possible use of the C-130 data set, users are strongly encouraged to click on each of the links below and print out the information presented on the resulting Web page. By printing out all of the available information, users will be able to assemble for themselves a complete data documentation package.

Questions regarding the information presented on this page and/or problems discovered in the C-130 data set should be brought to the attention of Krista Laursen, the SHEBA C-130 project manager via email or phone: (303)497-2003.

  1. Updated Pages on this web site
    This page has a summary of updates to this project's web site. Next to each link in the page is the date of its most recent change.

  2. SHEBA Low-Rate netCDF Data File Listing

  3. Available Low-Rate Data Files

    1. Example Production Output netCDF File Header (Low Rate)

  4. Available High-Rate Data Files

    1. Example Production Output netCDF File Header (High Rate)

  5. Available Processed MCR Data Files

  6. Data Tape Log

  7. Data Quality Summary
    The following are links to five PostScript files (left) and five Acrobat Portable Document Format files (right) for the figures referred to in the Data Quality Summary. To download a file, click on the relevant link (or hold the <SHIFT> key and click on a link). An "Unknown File Type" window (or something similar) will then pop up. Click on "Save File" which will enable you to save the file to your system. Execute these steps for all five files.

    PostScriptPortable Document Format
    Figure 1 (ps) Figure 1 (pdf)
    Figure 2 (ps) Figure 2 (pdf)
    Figure 3 (ps) Figure 3 (pdf)
    Figure 4 (ps) Figure 4 (pdf)
    Figure 5 (ps) Figure 5 (pdf)

  8. Data Quality Overview (DQO) Sheets
    RF01 DQO
    RF02 DQO
    RF03 DQO
    RF04 DQO
    RF05 DQO
    RF06 DQO
    RF07 DQO
    RF08 DQO
    RF09 DQO
    RF10 DQO
    RF11 DQO
    RF12 DQO
    RF13 DQO
    RF14 DQO
    RF15 DQO
    RF16 DQO

  9. Quality Assurance of Cloud and Aerosol Measurements

  10. Research Flight Cloud Pass Summaries

  11. Summary of IRU Performance

  12. Aircraft Research Instrumentation List

  13. Processed Variables List

  14. Video Tape Log (pdf file)

  15. C-130 Instrumentation Locations

  16. netCDF Information

  17. RAF Software Product Guide

  18. RAF Technical Bulletins
    The above link goes to the main RAF Bulletins web page. Users are encouraged to go to this page to access and print out copies of those bulletins which are of interest to them.

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