Cape Farewell Expedition

A unique and innovative expedition to the Arctic is underway with the support of the Oceans and Human Health Initiative and the National Ocean Service.

OHHI, in partnership with the World Health Organization is supporting the Cape Farewell 2010 Arctic Expedition which brings together scientists and a rtists to explore the impacts of climate change on the Arctic. Joy Guillemot (right), a scientist with the WHO works with the links between human health and oceans. Five marine scientists and 10 artists from around the world are sailing in the Norwegian arctic to observe and document this extreme and threat ened environment and engage with the scientific research being conducted on board.

The research, led by Dr. Simon Boxall (left) of the National Oceanography Center, will be monitoring the oceans curre nts, the salinity/glacial melt of the seas and the ice coverage. The 22-day expedition will simultaneously be interpreted and artistically rendered by artists, musicians, and writers. Summer ice at the Nor th Pole decreased by a staggering 25% in 2008, and in 2009 a survey showed that most of the northern ice cap was first-year ice.

For more information contact: Tim Tomastik (301) 713-3060 x120

Imagery courtesy Cape Farewell.