AIRCOA Reference Material and Software

Reference Material

The latest version of the AIRCOA User's Manual can be downloaded here:

In addition, the following documents are provided separately as reference material on individual components of the AIRCOA system:

1) HMP50 Manual - 2004 Dec.pdf  (Honeywell documentation on RH/T sensor)

2) KNF N84_89.pdf  (KNF documentation on N89 tower pump)

3) KNF NMP015.pdf  (KNF documentation on sample pump)

4) KNF NMP850.pdf  (KNF documentation on N850 low-power tower pump)

5) Meanwell Power Supply.PDF  (documentation on 12 V DC power supply)

6) numatech TM.pdf  (schematics of TM10 solenoid valves)

7) IR104Manual.pdf  (manual for relay board)

8) Prometheus Manual, v1.44.pdf  (Diamond Systems manual for instrument computer)

9) LI820Manual.pdf  (Li-Cor manual for CO2 sensor)


All of the R code, input files, C code, and required directory structure are contained in a tar file that can be downloaded here:
AIRCOA_R_AND C CODE  (expand with command "tar -xvf aircoa_r_and_c_code.tar")

R Data Processing Software

These programs are described in the AIRCOA User's Manual linked above. 

All of the R code and input files are contained in a tar file that can be downloaded here:
AIRCOA_R CODE  (expand with command "tar -xvf aircoa_r_code.tar")
The individual files can be accessed here:

AIRCOA/aircoa_raw_day.r  (program to process one day of data)
AIRCOA/aircoa_conc_days.r  (program to process and calibrate up to a month of data)
AIRCOA/aircoa_comp.r  (program to compare output from several units)
AIRCOA/aircoa_make_html.r  (program to create web pages to organize files)
AIRCOA/aircoa_cylrec.txt  (cylinder IDs and install dates)
AIRCOA/aircoa_inlets.txt  (inlet heights and tubing lengths)
AIRCOA/aircoa_hiside.txt  (cylinder pressures)
AIRCOA/aircoa_timeoff.txt  (clock adjustments)
AIRCOA/aircoa_caldat.txt  (assigned values for calibration cylinders)
AIRCOA/aircoa_mfms.txt  (mass flow meter serial numbers)
AIRCOA/aircoa_mfmcals.txt  (calibrations for mass flow meters)
AIRCOA/aircoa_cylfill.txt  (dates of cylinder refills)
AIRCOA/aircoa_manfilt.txt  (manual data filtering)
AIRCOA/aircoa_fairuse.txt  (header to be added to output data files)
AIRCOA/DATA/AUTORUN/autorun.r  (script to automatically process data every day)
AIRCOA/DATA/AUTORUN/allproc.r  (script to reprocess entire dataset)
AIRCOA/DATA/AUTORUN/oneday.r  (script to process one day of data)
AIRCOA/DATA/AUTORUN/onemonth.r  (script to process one month of data)
Prior to October 2007, the aircoa executable output files with the time stamp in a binary format. These files require the following additional program called data_dump (and input file) to convert the binary times into ascii (data_dump is called by aircoa_raw_day.r):
AIRCOA/data_dump  (binary executable needed to convert binary data files from the older version of the aircoa executable)
AIRCOA/projects/CARBOE/ops1/channel_config  (text input file needed by data_dump run - only needed for files from the older version of the aircoa executable)

C Instrument Control Software

Caution: This code was developed at NCAR over many years as a universal data system for a wide range of instrumentation. The code actually used by the AIRCOA system is a very small portion of the total. This code is not described in the user manual and is only provided here should expert C programmers wish to make modifications (at their own risk). 

The aircoa executable can be downloaded here:
AIRCOA_EXECUTABLE  (place in the directory /usr/local/bin on the Prometheus)
The rrelay executable can be downloaded here:
RRELAY EXECUTABLE  (place in the directory /usr/local/bin on the Prometheus)
The aircoa and rrelay executables, as well as other output files from their compilation are contained in a single tar file that can be downloaded here:
AIRCOA_AND RRELAY COMPILE RESULTS  (expand with command "tar -xvf aircoa_c_compiled.tar")

The C code is contained in a tar and gz file that can be downloaded here:
AIRCOA_C_CODE  (expand with commands "gunzip aircoa.tar.gz" and then "tar -xvf aircoa.tar")

In addition, compiling the aircoa executable requires two additional third-party components, which may be downloaded from the following links.   

Code Copyright Source Link for additional Terms
Diamond Systems header file dscud.h Copyright © 2003 Diamond Systems Corporation.  All rights reserved.
libparsifal library Copyright © 2002-2005 Toni Uusitalo
released to the public domain 2002-11-15