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SHEBA ISFF Flux-PAM Project Report

N.G.C.C. Des Groseilliers
K. Claffey

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. NCAR Flux-PAM Stations
  3. SHEBA Field Operations
  4. Flux-PAM Site Descriptions
  5. Barometers
  6. Hygrothermometers
  7. Radiometers
  8. Snow/Ice Temperature and Heat Flux Sensors
  9. Sonic Anemometers
  10. Data Processing and Data Archives
  11. Links to Download Data
  12. Appendix A: Laboratory Tests of RH Measurement by Capacitance Sensors at the Frost Point
  13. Appendix B: Estimations of TRH and Sonic Anemometer Height Above Snow Using Measured and Snowline Data

Updated dataset released on Jan 17, 2003

An error has been discovered in the 5 minute and 1 hour datasets that were available here prior to Jan 17, 2003. More information is available in the download links at the bottom of this report.

Field Log

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