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3 Thu 23-Apr-1992Telephone numbers of FOOTPRINT people: noneacd
13 Thu 04-Jun-1992Brief rundown of the FOOTPRINT setup. noneacd
94 Fri 12-Jun-1992Rain noneacd
130 Sun 21-Jun-1992Times of archive data loss for jd=173 nonegdm
132 Sun 21-Jun-1992Computer trailer air conditioner quit nonetwh
164 Fri 22-Jan-1993Measurement of Soil Parameters. noneacd

3: LOG , Site none, Thu 23-Apr-1992 21:49:05 GMT, Telephone numbers of FOOTPRINT people:
Telephone numbers of FOOTPRINT people: 
Tony Delany;        tel:    303-497-8776 
                    FAX:    303-497-8770 
Brian Lamb:         tel:    509-335-5702 
		    FAX:    509-335-7632 
Hal Westberg:       tel:    509-335-1529 
		    FAX:    509-335-7632 
Jim Rydock:         tel:    509-335-7246 
		    FAX:    509-335-7632 
Monique LeClerk:    tel:    514-987-4196 
		    FAX:    514-987-3115 (be sure to address to Physics Dept) 
Jerry Allwine:      tel:    509-376-8145 
		    FAX:    509-376-5217 
Owen Abbey:         tel:    509- 
		    FAX:    509- 
Bruce Lighthart:    tel:    503-754-4879 
		    FAX:    503-754-4711  
Brenda Schaeffer:   tel:    503-754- 
		    FAX:    503-754-4711  
Dorathea Pruitt:    tel:    509-946-4195    
		    FAX:    509- 
13: LOG , Site none, Thu 04-Jun-1992 15:28:31 GMT, Brief rundown of the FOOTPRINT setup.
Brief rundown of the FOOTPRINT setup. 
May 19 Tue: Tony arrived, set up car and truck and apartment 
May 20 Wed: Security for Tony, Brian, and WSU students. At met area agreed on 
	    layout of array, did initial surveying 
May 21 Thu: Gordon arrived, security for Gordon, Kirt and Alan. 
May 22 Fri: ASTER trailer and Uhaul convoyed to site, established base, 
	    obtained first generator, started portaging equipment to stations. 
May 23 Sat: Assembling the system 
May 24 Sun: Assembling the system 
May 25 Mon: Assembling the system 
May 26 Tue:  
                                                            Steve arrived 
May 27 Wed: Kurt left 
May 28 Thu: 
May 29 Fri: Gordon left 
May 30 Sat: 
May 31 Sun: 
Jun 1  Mon: 
Jun 2  Tue: 
Jun 3  Wed: Monique arrived, Bruce and Barbara arrived, bugflux tower setup 
Jun 4  Thu: 
second generator arrived 
maintainance schedule for generators arranged 
delay tests for SF6 sensors 
new storage batteries fo UPS 
removed UPS from power system 
reinstalled UPS as power conditioner for ASTER 
shut down AC in computor trailer, minimised power draw on first generator 
first long (6hr?) period without lockup 
increased ODS optical power ot all ADAMS 
system first ran overnight 
started covars, 
first release line SF6 emission SF6 detected at 50m, 100m and 175m stations, 
94: LOG , Site none, Fri 12-Jun-1992 16:40:08 GMT, Rain
A significant rainfall occured at the site . Lacking the rain 
guage we do not have the rainfall data. However the data should be 
available from the Hanford meteorological station. We should obtain 
their records for the entire deployment period. 
In fact we should obtain all their records for the entire deployment. 
I estimate approximately 1 cm of rainfall. 
130: LOG , Site none, Sun 21-Jun-1992 19:49:20 GMT, Times of archive data loss for jd=173
Times of archive data loss for jd=173 
  The archive disk filled up and archive data was lost for all 
data channels from 10:23 to 14:58 gmt (03:23 to 07:58 local time). 
  Covars are available for that time. 
132: LOG , Site none, Sun 21-Jun-1992 21:29:36 GMT, Computer trailer air conditioner quit
Computer trailer air conditioner quit 
this afternoon and we replaced it with 
the ac from the chem trailer. 
164: LOG , Site none, Fri 22-Jan-1993 23:01:06 GMT, Measurement of Soil Parameters.
Measurement of Soil Parameters. 
In order to define the heat flux into the soil the heat capacity of the soil, 
Csoil, needs to be defined.  
In order to calculate Csoil the values of certain soil parameters must 
be input. These parameters are: 
   Bulk density of dry soil             (g cm-3)           = blkdens 
   Mineral volumetric fraction   = blkdens/mindens         = minvolfrac   
   Organic volumetric fraction                             = orgvolfrac 
   Gravimetric water fraction                              = gravmoist 
The parameters blkdens, mindens, and orgvolfrac are constant for any 
particular site and may be entered into the project specifications. 
The parameter gravmoist varies throughout the deployment and is  
calculated from the results of the daily soil collection 
  gravmoist = (fresh.soil.wt - cooked.soil.wt)/cooked.soil.wt 
  (gravmoist is contained in the file soil.reduced) 
In order to obtain these parameters for the FOOTPRINT92 site a soil sample  
was returned to the lab and processed. 
1 Triplicate samples were processed. 
2 The soil (actually a loose sand with very little organic content and no 
   cohesion) was dried. 
3 Plastic vials (~50 ml) were tared and then using a syringe were filled to 
   20.0 g = 20.0 cm3. This level was marked on the vial. 
4 Soil was added to the vial to this level and the vials weighed. 
5 Water was then added to the soil until the soil was saturated. The excess 
   water was drawn off with trhe syringe. The vials were reweighed.  
6 The following relaionships were applied 
blkdens      = Dry.soil/Volume 
watervolfrac = (Pore.water/Volume)*Waterdensity 
             = ((Saturated.soil-Dry.soil)/Volume)*1.0 
minvolfrac   = 1- watervolfrac  
             = 1- ((Saturated.soil-Dry.soil)/Volume)*1.0 
mindens      = (Dry.soil/Volume)/minvolfrac 
             = blkdens/minvolfrac 
orgvolfrac   = Estimated to be very small. A value of 0.01 is to be used. 
Vial Volume Dry.soil Saturated.soil Pore.water blkdens minvolfrac mindens 
      cm-3     g            g           g       g cm-3             g cm-3 
 A    20.0    28.53      35.68        7.15       1.43     0.643     2.22 
 B    20.0    28.72      35.60        6.88       1.44     0.656     2.20 
 C    20.0    28.61      35.85        7.24       1.43     0.638     2.24 
						 ----     ----- 
						 1.43     0.65 
The required parameters are: 
     blk.dens      =   1.43 
     min.vol.frac  =   0.65 
     org.vol.frac  =   0.01 
Together with gravmoist data this allows the heat capacity of the soil,Csoil, 
to be calculated in units of  J m-3 degC-1 
blk.dens     <- 1.43 
min.vol.frac <- 0.65 
org.vol.frac <- 0.01 
gravmoist <- fun.gravmoist(jday) 
Csoil <- ( 1.9*min.vol.frac + 2.5*org.vol.frac + 
	   4.2*gravmoist*blk.dens )*1e6