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Education and Outreach

PACDEX is interested in helping teachers and their students by providing ways for your class to participate in the project. PACDEX scientists have agreed to be points of contact to help you connect with the project. You can follow the progress of research flights, communicate with project scientists, view data as it is collected, read background material on the importance of these measurements, and connect students with research scientists and engineers.

Instructors who would like to develop a class project related to PACDEX are encouraged to contact one of the PACDEX investigators, who will serve as a mentor and point of contact for you. Please send your class ideas to the PACDEX moderator, who will arrange for a reply from one of the PACDEX scientists.

Want to use PACDEX for a paper or report for a class? 

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Why study dust and clouds? 

How can I follow the flights of the NCAR/NSF G-V?  

  • NCAR/EOL Aircraft Flight Tracks

    How are the measurements made? 

    Here are a few reports on NCAR instruments (NCAR Technical Notes).

    How can I talk to scientists during the project?

    Education and Outreach Chatroom

  • Instructions on How to Install XCHAT

  • How do I get software to look at data myself?  
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