Welcome to the Earth Observing Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research
Project Investigators

Jeff Stith (NCAR)  Principal Investigator
V. Ramanathan (Scripps) Principal Investigator

Co-Principal Investigator

Jim Anderson (ASU)
Teresa Campos (NCAR)
Greg Carmichael (U. Iowa)
William Collins (NCAR),
Paul DeMott (CSU),
Andy Heymsfield (NCAR),
Jørgen Jensen (NCAR),
N. Mahowald (NCAR),
Phil Rasch (NCAR),
Greg Roberts (Scripps),
Dave Rogers (NCAR),
Cindy Twohy (Oregon State & NCAR)

Darrel Baumgardner (UNAM/CCA, Mexico)
Greg Kok (Droplet Measuring Tech.)
Al Cooper (NCAR),
Yan Feng and Aihua Zhu (Scripps),
Julie Haggerty (NCAR),
Jianping Huang (Lanzhou University, P. R. China),
Mao Jietai (Peking University, P. R. China),
Pat Minnis and Kirk Ayers (NASA Langley),
Peter Pilewskie (University of Colorado),
Ken Sassen (U. of Alaska, Fairbanks),
Douglas Westphal and Anthony Bucholtz (NRL),
Soon-Chang Yoon (Seoul National University)


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