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Ground-based Observations

by Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

Surface observations from a variety of sites will support this research. The locations of these sites are shown in the figure below. The ABC (Atmospheric Brown Cloud) observatories are shown by white stars (5 sites) and are operated by the ABC project (Ramanthan, co-chief scientist) with NOAA funding in collaboration with regional scientists and agencies.

On the western side, the Bashang site of inner Mongolia (in collaboration with U. of Peking) will be able to sample the dust and its radiative forcing before it is mixed with pollution over eastern Asia.  The Gosan site (an ABC super site maintained by Seoul Natl Univ.) will sample the polluted dust as it exits Asia into the Pacific. The Okinawa ABC site in Japan (maintained by Univ Of Tokyo) will capture the southern flank of the dust.  In the mid Pacific, the Midway site (maintained by Scripps) will sample the southern flank of the plume.  The Trinidad Head (California; maintained by NOAA-Boulder) site will sample the dust and BC reaching the coastal surface. All of these ABC sites will have aerosol chemical sampling and radiative flux measurements. The  Bashang (China), the Gosan (Korea) and Okinawa (Japan) site will also have Lidar to estimate the vertical extent of the plume.  A description of the instrumentation for the ground based sites is provided in table below

Description Instrument (Model) Site
Micro-pulse lidar MPL Gosan,
Bashang (propose)
Sun photometer
Bashang (propose)
Sky radiometer
POM-01 (Prede) Gosan
(global, diffuse flux)
CM21 (K&Z) Gosan,
Bashang (propose)
(direct flux) 
CH1 (K&Z)
(LW flux)
CG4 (K&Z) Gosan,
Bashang (propose)
(UV, visible)  
GUV-2511 (BSI) Gosan
CPC (total particle concentration) 
CPC (TSI 3022)
  TSI 3653  
SMPS (particle size distribution, 10-500 nm)
TSI 3936 Gosan
APS (particle size distribution, 0.5-10 μm) 
TSI 3321 Gosan ,
Bashang (propose)
Aethalometer (aerosol light absorption)
AE-31 (Magee) Gosan,
Bashang (propose)
CCN (Cloud Condensation Nuclei) counter
CCN counter (SIO) Gosan
Snow sample collector
Wet sampler (EchoTech) California Mountain site
(precipitation monitor)
ThiesCLIMA Laser Precipitation Monitor California Mountain site


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