List of Prospective ACE-ASIA PIs
Proposal Title Principle Investigator Co-Investigators
Asian Aerosol Source Identification, Chemical Transformation and Long Range Transport, Spring and Summer, 2001 Thomas A. Cahill; co PI; Kevin Perry (SJSU) and Steve Cliff (DELTA Group, UC Davis). Steve S. Cliff, Peter B. Kelly, Kevin. D. Perry
Surface Measurements of Aerosol Optical Properties and Hygroscopic Growth Sorry this information is not availableJohn A. Ogren Anne Jefferson and Patrick J. Sheridan
Aerosol Profiling and Closure Studies for ACE-Asia by Shipborne Scanning Lidar Wynn Eberhard Graham Feingold Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Measurement of aerosol chemical, physical, and radiative properties related to climate forcing in the Yangtze delta region of China MH Bergin WL Chameides, GR Cass
Aerosol Measurements at Cheju Island During ACE-Asia: Aerosol Number Size Distributions, Particle Hygroscopicity, and Individual Particle Size and Chemical Composition Fred Brechtel Dan Imre
Measurements of aerosol optical properties on board the NCAR C130 aircraft during ACE-Asia Sorry this information is not availableJohn A. Ogren Anne Jefferson, Pat Sheridan
Collaborative Research: Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE) - Asia Surface Network Implementation, Operations, and Coordination Richard Arimoto W. C. Keene and I. N. Sokolik
Indirect Aerosol Effect from Asia James Hudson Doug Lowenthal, DRI