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255 Fri 28-Apr-2006Krypton Cleaningcentralgolubieski
253 Thu 27-Apr-2006Krypton cleanings - South, Central, Westallpoulos
239 Mon 24-Apr-2006Cleaned 5m Kryptoncentralmilitzer
234 Mon 24-Apr-20065m, 30m Kryptons cleanedwestmilitzer
226 Sat 22-Apr-20065m, 30m Kryptons cleanedsouthmilitzer
218 Thu 20-Apr-20065m Krypton cleanedcentralmilitzer
180 Thu 13-Apr-200630m krypton cleanedcentralmilitzer
176 Wed 12-Apr-20065m krypton cleanedcentralmilitzer
137 Sun 02-Apr-2006Krypton clean and s/n at Westwestsemmer
132 Sat 01-Apr-2006maintenance at centralcentralhorst
129 Thu 30-Mar-2006Krypton cals & locationallsemmer
102 Fri 24-Mar-2006Cleaned KH2O at westwesthorst
89 Wed 22-Mar-2006Cleaning KH2O windowsallhorst
81 Mon 20-Mar-2006KH2O serializer dataallhorst

255: krypton, Site central, Fri 28-Apr-2006 17:19:52 PDT, Krypton Cleaning
30M Krypton clean 1615 LT.

253: krypton, Site all, Thu 27-Apr-2006 18:50:37 PDT, Krypton cleanings - South, Central, West
The krypton hygrometers were cleaned as follows:

Central, 5m (Agee) - 1600-1607
Central, 30m - not cleaned due to high winds

South, 5m and 30 m (Poulos) - 1645-1705

West, 5m and 30 m (Poulos) - 1745-1800

The cleanings seem to have had a significant effect at the south and west tower kryptons(noted as sudden increases in kh2oV).
239: krypton, Site central, Mon 24-Apr-2006 19:27:03 PDT, Cleaned 5m Krypton
24Apr06, 17:30PDT, Central

Cleaned 5m krypton on short tower
234: krypton, Site west, Mon 24-Apr-2006 12:05:55 PDT, 5m, 30m Kryptons cleaned
24Apr06, ~10:25-35PDT

Cleaned 5m,30m with methyl alcohol

226: krypton, Site south, Sat 22-Apr-2006 15:03:35 PDT, 5m, 30m Kryptons cleaned
22Apr06, ~12:00PDT

Cleaned with methyl alcohol

218: krypton, Site central, Thu 20-Apr-2006 19:24:31 PDT, 5m Krypton cleaned
20Apr06,, 17:10PDT

Cleaned with methyl alcohol
180: krypton, Site central, Thu 13-Apr-2006 12:19:17 PDT, 30m krypton cleaned
13Apr06, ~10:00PDT

- 30m Krypton cleaned.  Voltage went from ~.9 to ~1.1 vdc

176: krypton, Site central, Wed 12-Apr-2006 11:31:02 PDT, 5m krypton cleaned
12Apr06, ~9:40 PDT
cleaned 5m krypton on short tower with methanol.
Voltage changed from ~.2 to ~.5, not spectacular.

Note: very windy and this short tower swaps a great deal.

137: krypton, Site west, Sun 02-Apr-2006 08:12:47 PDT, Krypton clean and s/n at West
The kryptons were cleaned at west at ~16:45 pm.

kh2o s/n at 5 m = 1395
kh2o s/n at 30 m = 1258
132: krypton, Site central, Sat 01-Apr-2006 13:48:14 PST, maintenance at central
Steve and Tom at central tower.  Steve climbed 30 m tower 11:40-12:20 PST to
investigate communication problem and clean kh2o at 30 m.  Then cleaned kh2o
and Licor 7500 at 5 m; off 5 m tower at 12:34 PST.

KH2O s/n = 1394 @ 30 m
           1390 @ 5 m

Finally, Steve cleaned 10 m radiometers with mop.
Also added yokes for steps and safety rope on 10 m radiometer tower.
129: krypton, Site all, Thu 30-Mar-2006 12:55:06 PST, Krypton cals & location
According to logbook entry #9, here's the krypton layout:

     5m     1390
    30m SN: 1394

     5m SN: 1391
    30m SN: 1393

     5m SN: 1395 (no cal below)
    30m SN: 1258


1/19/2006	K1258
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-0.1576957
V0		4306.955643

1/21/2006	K1390
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-0.1513344
V0		968.0184596

1/21/2006	K1391
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-0.1511835
V0		3961.417306

1/19/2006	K1393
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-0.1584523
V0		2988.347174

1/21/2006	K1394
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-0.1656531
V0		2601.645432

/19/06		K1395
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-.1551411
V0		4295.005517

1/21/2006	K1397
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-0.1275433
V0		1723.074647

1/19/2006	K1525
Calibration	TREX06
pathlength	1.3
Kw		-0.162492
V0		6556.380341


102: krypton, Site west, Fri 24-Mar-2006 14:41:30 PST, Cleaned KH2O at west
Steve cleaned the KH2O at west; on tower from 1258 - 1318.

Cows in vicinity.  Need to activate the fence.

89: krypton, Site all, Wed 22-Mar-2006 10:05:43 PST, Cleaning KH2O windows
I called Campbell today and they recommended muriatic acid for cleaning KH2O

81: krypton, Site all, Mon 20-Mar-2006 10:21:24 PST, KH2O serializer data
FYI, the "serializers" don't digitize fast enough to keep up with 60Hz, 
so every fifth(?) sample from the kryptons is NA.  Since humidity fluxes 
are a low priority for TREX, and fluxes can still be calculated, I have 
not been worried about this .

...Steve Oncley