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238 Mon 24-Apr-2006Rain Check, Download Datacentralmilitzer
155 Thu 06-Apr-2006no rain data at centralcentralhorst

238: rain, Site central, Mon 24-Apr-2006 14:56:19 PDT, Rain Check, Download Data
24Apr06, ~13:45PDT, Central

Yesterday we had 
a) good rain 
b) lots of missing data from central (see other logs)
so darn, we couldn't see the rain quantities!

Today we checked the rain gauge.  It had roughly a residual of ~1/3 bucket,
and we did a tip test (offline from NIDS)......OK, working.

So we halted the viper and swapped in the 4GB usb stick to bring in and
merge the local storage from yesterday....more later...
Yup, the events are there.

155: rain, Site central, Thu 06-Apr-2006 10:55:28 PDT, no rain data at central
The rain gauge at central has been connected to the wrong channel on the 
campbell data logger.  This was fixed this morning.