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8 Tue 29-Jun-2004setup ssh port forwardingISS4 (Los Mochis)Charlie
7 Tue 29-Jun-2004data-backup script testedISS4 (Los Mochis)Charlie
5 Mon 28-Jun-2004changes to samba configurationISS4 (Los Mochis)Charlie
3 Sun 27-Jun-2004ISS4 Installation and configurationISS4 (Los Mochis)Charlie

8: SOFTWARE, Site ISS4 (Los Mochis), Tue 29-Jun-2004 02:07:48 GMT, setup ssh port forwarding
Configured winroute on the Datastorm pc to forward port 22 from the datastorm IP address to the iss4 IP address. Tested by sshing into iss4 from syrah.
7: SOFTWARE, Site ISS4 (Los Mochis), Tue 29-Jun-2004 02:05:05 GMT, data-backup script tested
Tested the data-backup script on iss4. It wrote a 4x DVD+R, and it verified properly.

Loaded the DVD on my windows machine, and could read it just fine. All workstation data products appeared to be there.

5: SOFTWARE, Site ISS4 (Los Mochis), Mon 28-Jun-2004 01:38:42 GMT, changes to samba configuration
Two changes to /iss/etc/smb.conf were necessary in order to allow the glass pc to open iss4//datasource:

1. enabled browsing

2. changed the workgroup from ATD to sssf.

3: SOFTWARE, Site ISS4 (Los Mochis), Sun 27-Jun-2004 23:38:15 GMT, ISS4 Installation and configuration
ISS distribution installed and configured on ISS4 at Los Mochis.

Everything went very smoothly. Nice work, Gary!

The 4x DVD+RW installed without a hitch.