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6 Mon 28-Jun-2004Naming of the DirecWay computerISS4 (Los Mochis)Charlie
4 Sun 27-Jun-2004Motosat cable faultyISS4 (Los Mochis)Charlie

6: SATCOM, Site ISS4 (Los Mochis), Mon 28-Jun-2004 01:41:09 GMT, Naming of the DirecWay computer
The direcway computer was named iss4, which conflicted with the name of the iss workstation. Changed it to iss4satcom.
4: SATCOM, Site ISS4 (Los Mochis), Sun 27-Jun-2004 23:41:18 GMT, Motosat cable faulty
The satcom system was not working. The symptom was that the DataStorm Server could not communicate with the dish controller.

I connected the Motosat serial cable to another computer serial port (using a null modem), and used Hyperterm on each PC to test the cable. Although single characters came through okay, characters would get corrupted when typing quickly. When I disconnected the DB9 end on the cable, the DB-9 just pulled off. It's a cheesy cable.

Replaced the cable with one from the Lorreto DataStorm system, and the Satcom system started working.

We tried unsuccessfuly to repair the busted cable.