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77 Sun 18-Jul-2004IRT down during quick check.ISS3 (Bahia Kino)Steve/John
51 Mon 12-Jul-2004Measured CLASS pre-amp voltagesISS3 (Bahia Kino)Steve/John
48 Mon 12-Jul-2004Confirmed PYG wiring; matches Puerto PenascoISS3 (Bahia Kino)Steve/John
33 Fri 09-Jul-2004IR Radiation Sensor TestsISS3 (Bahia Kino)Charlie

77: SURFACE, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Sun 18-Jul-2004 18:17:26 GMT, IRT down during quick check.
We checked the IR wiring here (similar to at Los Moches).
6L : T-dome
6H : T-case
This agrees with Steve Semmer's wiring diagram, and Gordon's notes for
Puerto Penasco, and also Los Moches after we switched those.

The sensor was disconnected from 19:20-19:35 Z.

51: SURFACE, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Mon 12-Jul-2004 22:47:54 GMT, Measured CLASS pre-amp voltages
As a baseline to compare with Los Moches, 
we measured voltages at the CLASS antenna tower:
  Input VOC: 12.4
  Voltage at pre-amp: 7.3
  DC current: 25mA

48: SURFACE, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Mon 12-Jul-2004 19:35:29 GMT, Confirmed PYG wiring; matches Puerto Penasco
We checked the cabling on the PYG. Matches the notes from Puerto Penasco.
Data gap for a few of minutes, approx. 1916-1923 and again 1928-1933Z.
Dc on photopile 5H-5L ~.3mV on no resolution to read.

33: SURFACE, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Fri 09-Jul-2004 18:23:22 GMT, IR Radiation Sensor Tests
Replaced the PYG at Kinoat about 1600 Z with the PYG from Los Mochis to test the Los Mochis sensor, it seems to work both without a battery and with a battery, the battery seems to reduce the output by about 10 to 20 Watts. I have returned the Kino Bay PYG to its stand.  John Millitzer should pick up the Los Mochis Pyg at Kino to return to Los Mochis.  John should check the wiring at Los Mochis especially the pins in the connectors.