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50 Mon 12-Jul-2004LIST OF BACKUP DISKSISS3 (Bahia Kino)Steve/John
34 Fri 09-Jul-2004tklog fixed at Los MochisISS3 (Bahia Kino)Charlie
5 Fri 02-Jul-2004fixed ssh port forwardingISS3 (Bahia Kino)Charlie

50: SOFTWARE, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Mon 12-Jul-2004 22:24:28 GMT, LIST OF BACKUP DISKS
Please add to this log as DVD's are written.


KINO ISS3 System Backup: 12-July-2004 : Created a system image (backup) no data option using /iss/scripts/backup (Charlie)
KINO ISS3 Data Backup: 12-July-2004 : Created a data backup, 02-12 July-2004.
Includes SPC files through Day 193 (11-July). Taking back to Boulder.

KINO ISS3 Data Backup: 18-July-2004 : Created a data backup. Includes SPC
files through Day 199. Taking back to Boulder.


NAME_KIN01: D04186-D04195 (July 4-13)   created 7/18/04
NAME_KIN02: D04196-D04199 (July 14-17)  created 7/18/04

34: SOFTWARE, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Fri 09-Jul-2004 23:48:26 GMT, tklog fixed at Los Mochis
Remotely fixed the tklog at Los Mochis. The log file had gottent corrupted, so I replaced it with the .auto file. They only lost one partial log entry.
5: SOFTWARE, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Fri 02-Jul-2004 19:11:20 GMT, fixed ssh port forwarding
For some reason the port forwarding in Winroute for ssh stopped working.

I fooled around with it for a while without luck.

Finally fixed it by removing the entry in Winroute, and reentering.

I noticed that the orginal entry only had tcp slected. When I reenterd the values, I changed this to tcp/udp. I don't think that should have caused the problem, though.