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76 Tue 20-Jul-2004IRT NotesISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Steve/John
5 Wed 07-Jul-2004Surface temperature/rh fan ISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Bill
3 Tue 06-Jul-2004Surface Met Serial NumbersISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Bill

76: SURFACE, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Tue 20-Jul-2004 21:58:37 GMT, IRT Notes
IRT Problem Noted:
Especially on 7/17 and since there have been deviations of the IRT
at this site indicated by slow drift upwards to as much as >600w/m^2
and with a sudden step-function drop down to a more typical value
of 400-450w/m^2.

7/19/04 ~21:20  Checked Wiring: seemed OK.
	Checked Resistance/Voltages: seemed OK (dome/case ~3.5k, divider
		at 930ohms, mV on thermopile.
	NOTE: in data a step function is very evident at this time
	perhaps implying a campbell wiring problem?...

7/20/04 18:30 Rechecked Wiring as above: OK, and no step function.

	21:50 - 22:15 Swapped Tdome/Tcase inside campbell 6L/6H
	'What-the-heck' try to see what that does even though
	it really appears that the wiring is consistent with available
	documentation.....Upward rise of ~30w/m^2.
	Conclusion wiring is ok as documented for tdome / tcase.

        22:15 - 22:30 Swapped leads on thermopile (5L/H)
	Interesting the values jumped up to 650....suspicious that it
	sort of matches the 'upward drift' value of the problem noted
	Values recovered after putting back to original wiring config.

Checked NAMEISS2.CSI file: OK (did not check .dld)
	serial numbers and tdome/tcase coef correct: #PYG32687
	NOTE: the coef are truncated not rounded in the 5th place value
	I doubt that could be an issue.

	IRT Wiring is OK.
	Possibly thermopile or thermisters going bad.  Less likely a
	campbell excitation/adc.

5: SURFACE, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Wed 07-Jul-2004 01:08:23 GMT, Surface temperature/rh fan
The temperature/rh fan was blowing instead of sucking so we reversed it 
at about 1930 UT (July 6).  The temperature reading dropped about 3C 
and the RH jumped up about 10%.

3: SURFACE, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Tue 06-Jul-2004 18:45:46 GMT, Surface Met Serial Numbers
Serial Numbers for the Surface Met

Rain Guage : 12790-1193

Temp/RH    : V4950011

Barometer  : 478088  PTA 427

Prop       : LT# 414223

IR         : 32687F3

PSP        : 17790F3

Net        : 92031      8.74  10.72