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165 Tue 10-Aug-2004Profiler computer restart 10 August 2004 6:00 utc ISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Conrad
68 Mon 19-Jul-2004PROFILER BACKUP AND DOWN TIMEISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Steve/John
18 Fri 09-Jul-2004Profiler RX/TX adjustmentsISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Bill
6 Wed 07-Jul-2004Profiler directionsISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Bill

165: RADAR, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Tue 10-Aug-2004 06:11:07 GMT, Profiler computer restart 10 August 2004 6:00 utc
Profiler computer restart because wind serial output data was not being
transmitted after data archive computer restart on 8 August.  Profiler computer was twice improperly shutdown (first computer froze then power was lost)
Scandisk was run upon restart.  Program now running and wind and serial data 
resumed tranfer to data archive computer.
68: RADAR, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Mon 19-Jul-2004 22:08:16 GMT, PROFILER BACKUP AND DOWN TIME
Paused POP from 2105Z to 2200Z for data backup.

Wrote 2 CD's
NAME_PP01 Contains D04188 - D04196 (July 6-14, 2004).
NAME_PP02 Contains D04197 - D04200 (July 15-18, 2004).

I made two copies of NAME_PP01 BUT when I tried to make a second copy
of NAME_PP02 I was getting a windows error: unable to read the disk file.
The happened three times (with three CD's). I deleted the files in NAME_PP01
but not those in NAME_PP02. However, there appear to be good copies of all the
data on the first written CD and on the ISS-2 workstation (/iss/ds/spc/).

The backups look correct on the GLASS CD drive. I will run them through POP
on my laptop this evening.

Disk write was 58.1%; is now 20.7% (1.5GB free)

18: RADAR, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Fri 09-Jul-2004 06:38:05 GMT, Profiler RX/TX adjustments

05:40 UT  Replaced RX/TX unit with fresh unit from Boulder

Increased SNR, although noise and signal increased in lowest few gates to the extent that there was no SNR.

06:01  Decreased postblank from 700 to 400

A little better in lower gates.

06:09  Increased postblank up to 1000

A little better again in lower gates?!

06:20  Increased gain inside RX/TX unit

Better SNR again.

We'll leave it like this overnight to test it out.

6: RADAR, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Wed 07-Jul-2004 01:11:31 GMT, Profiler directions
The profiler directions were corrected at about 20UT (July 6).
The labels on the antenna were out by 180 degrees.