Personnel Involved:

Principle Investigator: Wayne Angevine
Co-Investigators: Alison Grimsdell, Jim Warnock, Steve Cohn
PAM/ASTER Project Scientist: Tony Delany
PAM/ASTER Project Engineer: John Militzer
PAM/ASTER Field Personnel: Tony Delany, Tom Horst, Kurt Knudson, Charlie Martin, Matt Michealis, John Militzer, Santiago Newbery, Steve Oncley.

Observations by Flux-PAM and ASTER

31 December 1996

1.0 Overview
2.0 Operations
3.0 Sensors
4.0 Data
5.0 Plots
6.0 Logbook

Tony Delany
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Surface and Sounding Systems Facility
Boulder, Colorado 80307-3000

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