First VOCALS Modeling Workshop (VMW1)
18-20 May 2007, Damon Room, Mesa Lab, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado USA
Friday 18 May

8:30-10:30   VOCALS Introduction and Status  (Chair: Wood)

    8:30-8:45   Welcome and Introduction to VOCALS   [Mechoso/Bretherton/Wood]

    8:45-9:10   Agency Report     [Robinson/Huang]

                         NSF               NOAA

    9:10-9:30   VOCALS Modeling Hypothesis  - Aerosol/Cloud [Bretherton]

    9:30-9:50   VOCALS Modeling Hypothesis  - Atmos-Ocean Interaction [Mechoso]

    9:50-10:00 Workshop Organization     [Mechoso]

10:10-10:30  BREAK  

10:30-11:45 VOCALS Rex (Chair: Mechoso)

    10:30-11:00 VOCALS Regional Exp. Goals/Hypotheses [S/R*: Wood/Dever]

    11:00-11:15 Discussion on Rex

11:15-12:30  Aerosol/Cloud/Precipitation       

    11:15-11:45  PBL Clouds/Aerosol     [S/R: Bretherton/Feingold] 

    11:45-12:15  Aerosol/Transport    [S/R: Rasch/Feingold] 

    12:15-12:30  Discussion on use of REX data on Aerosol/Cloud Modeling

12:30-2:00: LUNCH BREAK (NCAR Cafeteria)

2:00-3:30  Atmosphere/Ocean Interaction  (Chair: Garreaud)

    2:00-2:30  Regional Models: Readiness   [S/R: McWilliams/Hall]

    2:30-3:00  Global Models: Readiness   [S/R:  Mechoso/DeWitt]

    3:00-3:20  Operational Models: Readiness   [S/R: Köhler/de Szoeke] 

    3:20-3:30  Breakout Groups    [Bretherton/Mechoso]

3:30-4:00: BREAK

(*) S: Synthesizer, R: Reporter

4:00-6:00  Breakout Sessions by Science objectives

     Group A:  Regional Models    [McWilliams/Large]

       Short Presentations [10 min] 
        RAMS/ROMS     [Hall]

        IPRC Models    [Y. Wang]

        MMF (Marat)

Group B:  Aerosol-Cloud Interactions   [Bretherton/Feingold]

    Modeling the diurnal cycle of SE Pacific stratocumulus during EPIC 2001       [Bretherton]

    Remote sensing and LES of open cell convection and POCs                          [Feingold]

    Stratocumulus and microphysical/indirect effect modeling plans in CAM       [Rasch]

    Cloud/aerosol interaction challenges in GFDL models                                     [Ramaswamy]

    LES and parcel-model simulations of stratocumulus microphysics                   [Ovtchinnikov]

    Cloud and precipitation structure                                                               [Wood]

6:30:   Dinner at Dolans


Saturday 19 May

8:30-10:30  Breakout Sessions Continue

Group C:  Global Models     [Mechoso/Hall]

    Short Presentations [10 min] 

    NCEP CFS     [W. Wang]

    ECMWF    [Köhler]

    IPRC Models    [de Szoeke]

    ENSO predictability and CGCM Systematic errors                [Manganello]    

Group D:  Aerosol-Transport    [Wood/Rasch]

    Short Presentations [10 min]   

    Chemistry/aerosol transport issues in large-scale models                [Rasch]
    Satellite observations of microphysical and synoptic variability            [Wood]
    SEP air mass trajectories                            [Garreaud]
    WRF-Chem modeling at PNNL                            [Ovchinnikov]

10:30-11:00: BREAK

11:00-12:00 Plenary on VOCALS-Mod and VOCALS Rex integration (Chair: Bretherton)

    11:00-11:30 VOCALS Regional    [Garreaud/Silva] 

    11:30-12:00 Operational/Data Assim. Support for REX  [S/R: Pan/ W. Wang]

12:00-2:00: LUNCH BREAK (in Room)

2:00-3:30   Summary Reports from Breakout Sessions

 Group B Summary Report

3:30-4:00: BREAK

4:00-6:00 Plenary on VOCALS-Mod and VOCALS Rex integration (Chair: Bretherton)

      Short Presentations [10 min]

      Scripps Data Assim.   [Miller]

      GEOS-5 Data Assimilation System. [Bacmeister]

      ONR     [Y. Wang]

Sunday 20 May

9:30-10:30  Update of VOCALS Modeling Plan 

      Group E:   Dynamical Models

      Group F:    Aerosol/Cloud

10:00-10:30:  BREAK

10:30-12:30   Wrap Up 

    Data Support, Outreach, Summary of proposal submission logistics

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