T-28 Participation in the Convection and Precipitation/Electrification (CaPE) experiment


From July 8 - Aug 18, 1991, the T-28 participated in the Convection and Precipitation/Electrification field project in east central Florida. The experiments focused on five objectives:
  1. Identification of the relationships among co-evolving wind, water, and electric fields within convective clouds.
  2. Determination of the meteorological and electrical conditions in which natural and triggered lightning can (and cannot) occur, and understanding its initiation and propagation.
  3. Development of mesoscale numerical forecasts (2-12 hr) of wind, clouds, and thunderstorms.
  4. Improving techniques for performing short-period forecasts (nowcasts, < 2 hr) of convection initiation, downbursts, and tornadoes.
  5. The characterization of precipitation particles and remote estimation of rainfall.

The T-28 flew to support the multiparameter radar studies and investigations of the microphysical and electrical structure of thunderstorms, into regions of the storm where conditions precluded other research aircraft. The T-28 was also available to supply in-situ measurements in clouds being scanned from above by various prototype remote sensing instruments.

The standard package of instruments provided for the determination of temperature, vertical wind, electric fields, water content, etc. During CaPE the T-28 carried a PMS 2D-P optical probe.

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T-28 participation in the Convection and Precipitation/Electrification (CaPE) experiment (Report SDSMT/IAS/R-92/04)

Convection and Precipitation/Electrification Experiment (CaPE) Scientific Overview and Preliminary Experimental Design

Convection and Precipitation/Electrification Experiment (CaPE) Notes

Precipitation development and electrification in Florida thunderstorm cells during CaPE

Observations of mixed-phase precipitation within a CaPE thunderstorm

Evolution of a Florida Thunderstorm during the Convection and Precipitation/Electrification Experiment: The Case of 9 August 1991

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Smith, P. L., Jr., A. G. Detwiler, D. J. Musil, V. Chandrasekar and V. N. Bringi: Coordinated aircraft and multi-parameter radar observations of CaPE warm-based clouds. Preprints, 11th Intnl. Conf. on Clouds and Precipitation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Vol. 1, 444-446.

Eylander, John B.: Case study of convection occurring 8 August 1991 during the Convection and Precipitation/Electrification (CaPE) experiment. May 2001. 75 pp. (Detwiler)

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