Research Projects Involving the T-28 Storm Penetrating Aircraft
Note: Only projects with multiplatform data sets sufficient for interpreting the aircraft data are included in the archive.
Project Long Name Location Dates Other
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CHILL-TEX 2003 CHILL T-28 Experiment 2003 Greeley, CO 21 July - 3 August 2003 CHILL CHILL-TEX
JPOLE and TELEX 2003 Joint Polarization Experiment / Thunderstorm Electrification and Lightning Experiment Norman, OK 15 March - 15 June 2003 88D, ARM profiler, KOUN and NSSL Cimarron pol radars, Oklahoma Lightning Mapping Array, OK Meso, ARS Micro, lightning network, NSSL mobile electric field soundings JPOLE/TELEX CIMMS

CHILL-TEX 2002 CHILL T-28 Experiment 2002 Greeley, CO 3-18 June 2002 CHILL CHILL-TEX
STEPS 2000 Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Studies Goodland, KS May - July 2000 NCAR SPol, MGLASS, 88D, CHILL, NMIMT lightning network, NLDN, CoCoRaHS, JMRF and NSSL mobile mesonet, JMRF and NMIMT electrical soundings, Yucca Ridge Field Station (sprites), CSU flat plate antenna network STEPS CHILL
TCAD 1999 Turbulence Characterization and Detection Northeast Colorado June 1999 NCAR MCLASS (operated by RAP), CHILL, Pawnee Radar, Convair 580, Rockwell Sabreliner TCAD NCAR/RAP

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TINT 1998 T-28 Instrument Test 1998 Northeast Colorado June 1998 CHILL TINT  
MOLAS 1998 Mono Lake APIPs (aircraft-produced ice particles) Studies Mono Lake, CA Feb 1998? Wyoming King Air, Cessna 421, Aero Commander MOLAS JAM I

NMEX 97 SPTVAR Intercomparisons Socorro, NM August 1997 NMIMT SPTVAR aircraft NMEX-1997  
VORTEX 95 Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes EXperiment-1995 Norman, OK/Ft Collins, CO April 1995/June 1995 NCAR Electra, ELDORA, CLASS, MCLASS, CHILL (Ft Collins segment) VORTEX-95 NCAR/EOL

Ops Summary
TEXARC 1994 Texas EXperiment in Augmenting Rainfall through Cloud Seeding Big Spring, TX August 1994 Skywater Radar TEXARC  
VORTEX 94 Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes EXperiment Norman, OK May 1994 NCAR CLASS and others VORTEX-94 Ops Summary


NDTE 1993 North Dakota Tracer Experiment Bismarck, ND July 1993 NCAR MGLASS, NOAA-C radar, UND radar, UND Citation, Beech Duke aircraft NDTE NDSWC
RAPS 1992 Real-time Analysis and Prediction of Storms Greeley, CO June 1992 NCAR PAM, CP2, NOAA PROFS, Mile High Radar, CHILL RAPS  
CaPE 1991 Convection and Precipitation/Electrification Melbourne, FL July - August 1991 NCAR King Air, Sailplane, CP-2, CP-3, CP-4, PAM-II, CLASS, and other institutions CaPE NCAR/EOL

COPS 1991 Cooperative Oklahoma Profiler Studies Norman, OK May - June 1991 NCAR PAM, NOAA WP-3D, NSSL MCLASS, NOAA WPDN COPS BAMS
NMEX 1990 Socorro, New Mexico Experiments Socorro, NM July 1990 NMIMT SPTVAR aircraft NMEX-1990  
NDTP 1989 North Dakota Thunderstorm Project Bismarck, ND June - July 1989 NCAR PAM, CLASS, CP-3, CP-4, Sabreliner, NOAA-C radar, USBR acoustic sounder, NOAA WP-3D, UND Citation, Wyoming King Air, WMI Duke NDTP NDSWC

PACE 1989 Precipitation Augmentation for Crops Experiment Champaign, IL May 1989 NCAR CLASS, CHILL radar, HOT radar, Beechcraft Baron aircraft, GOES PACE Ops Manual

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Summary of T-28 Operations 1970-2003