1.0 Introduction/Background
        1.1 INDOEX Scientific Objective
        1.2 Data Management Philosophy

2.0 INDOEX Data Management Policy
        2.1 Data protocol
        2.2 Data processing/Quality control
        2.3 Data Availability
        2.4 Data Attribution
        2.5 Community Access to Data

3.0 INDOEX Data Management Functional Description and Strategy
        3.1 Data Archive and Analysis Centers
               3.1.1 U.S.Data Archive Center
               3.1.2 India Data Archive Center
               3.1.3 European.Data Archive Center
               3.1.4 SIO/C4.Data Analysis Center
               3.1.4 APE-THESEO Data Archive and Analysis Center
        3.2 Investigator Requirements
               3.2.1 Data Format Conventions
               3.2.2 Data Submission Requirements
        3.3 Data Collection Schedule
               3.3.1 On-line Field Catalog
              Submitting Data/Products to the On-line Field Catalog
        3.4 Data Processing following the IFP
        3.5 Data Integration
        3.6 Data Archival and Long-term Access

4.0 INDOEX Data Sets
        4.1 Data Collection and Processing
        4.2 Status Update Requirements/Procedures
        4.3 In-field Data Display and Analysis Requirements
        4.4 Coordination with Other Programs


        A. Research Data Sources
              Ground Based Measurements
              Dutch Citation
              R/V Ronald Brown
              C-130 Aircraft
              Sagar Kanya
              Hululé Operations Center
              Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory

        B. Operational Data Sources

        C. List of Acronyms