DC3 Science Team Meeting Posters

February 25-28, 2013
NCAR Foothills Lab 2, main auditorium
Boulder, Colorado

Name Affiliation Name of Poster
Alison RockwellNCAR/EOLHow to Request Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities in Support of Science & Education

Andreas BeyersdorfNASA Langley Research CenterCO2 Measurements on the DC-8: Use as a Tracer for the Transport of Tropospheric Air Masses

Anthony O'BrienPrinceton UniversityEvolution and dynamics of ice supersaturation regions by tracer analysis.

Armin Sorooshian & Taylor ShinglerUniversity of ArizonaSize-resolved sub-saturated aerosol hygroscopic growth measurements during DC3 on the NASA DC8

Benjamin NaultUC BerkeleyUsing DC3 Observations to Assess Chemistry Occurring in the Upper Troposphere after Convection

Brett BasarabColorado State UniversityStorm Microphysics/Lightning in Three DC3 Colorado Case Studies - Developing and Evaluating a Lightning Parameterization

Brian HeikesUniversity of Rhode IslandPeroxide observations in the mid to upper troposphere adjacent and downwind of deep convection

Cameron HomeyerNCARConvective Injection Observed in the Lower Stratosphere during DC3

Conrad Ziegler, et.al. NOAA/OAR/NSSL, OU, TTUStorm Environments Sampled In Texax And Oklahoma During The Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (DC3) Experiment

Dan O'SullivanUS Naval AcademyMulti-reagent ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry and ab initio calculations for peroxide measurements in DC3

Daniel FuettererDLR - IPAAerosol measurements with DLR-Falcon during DC3

Don MacGormanNOAA/NSSL, OUThe Oklahoma-Texas Venue of the Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (DC3) Experiment

Eric BruningTexas Tech UniversityFractal-based lightning channel length estimation from convex-hull flash areas for DC3 Lightning Mapping Array data

Gergely DolgosUMBCPolarized Imaging Nephelometer for Field and Aircraft Measurements of Aerosol Phase Function

Heather Arkinson U of Maryland In Situ Airborne Measurements of Formaldehyde with a New Laser Induced Fluorescence Instrument

Ilana PollackNOAA/CIRESAirborne quantification of upper tropospheric NOx production from lightning in deep convective storms over the continental US

Jack DibbUniv. New HampshireScavenging of ions (aerosol associated and HNO3) in convective storms

Jeff StithNCAR/EOL/RAFEvidence for homogeneous freezing in DC3 anvils and implications for anvil chemistry

Jennifer OlsonNASA Langley Research CenterChemical Evolution of CH2O (in conjunction with Alan Fried)

Jin LiaoNOAA/ESRL and CIRESAerosol organosulfate measurements by PALMS during DC3

John Hair, Marta Fenn, Carolyn ButlerNASA LaRCOzone and Aerosol Distributions measured by DIAL-HSRL from the NASA DC-8 (John Hair, Carolyn Butler, Marta Fenn, et al.)

John OrtegaNCAR/ACDParticle Size Distribution Measurements on the Gulfstream V during DC3 (2012)

Jonathan Dean-DayNASA Ames Research Center (ARC-CREST)An Inter-Comparison of NASA DC-8 MMS P, T, and 3-D Winds with NCAR G-V Airborne Measurements during DC3

Josh DiGangiPrinceton UniversityEffects of Inflow Air Quality on Ice Supersaturation in Convective Outflows

Karl Froyd NOAA PALMS Single-Particle Composition: DC3 Aerosol Overview and Convective Outflow

Katharina HeimerlGerman Aerospace Center (DLR - IPA)Biomass burning plumes observed with the DLR Falcon research aircraft during DC3 - first results

Lawrence CareyUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleMicrophysical, Kinematic, and Lightning Properties of Deep Moist Convection across Northern Alabama during the DC3 Experiment

Li ZhangPenn State UniversityPoster on HOx and OH Reactivity measurement from Penn State ATHOS instrument on DC8.

Louisa EmmonsNCAR/ACDLarge-scale impact of lightning NOx on the UT over the US

Luke ZiembaNASA Langley Research CenterDC-8 Aerosol Measurements for DC-3: Particle Transport and Aging in Deep Convection

Megan BelaUniversity of ColoradoWRF-Chem simulations of the May 29 Oklahoma storm from DC3

Milos MarkovicNOAA/CIRESThe vertical distribution of black carbon over the continental US during the DC3 study

Minghui DiaoPrinceton University (Mark Zondlo group)Ice crystal formation and evolution in DC3 campaign

Nicola BlakeUniversity of California - Irvine VOC Measurements during DC3: Source characterization and Vertical Transport

Paul KrehbielNew Mexico TechLightning mapping observations in North Colorado during DC3

Paul WennbergCaltechIsoprene Photo-oxidation During DC3

Pedro Campuzano JostCIRES, CU BoulderSubmicron Aerosol Transport and Aging by Convective Cells During the DC3 Campaign

Rebecca HornbrookACD/NCARAn Investigation of Convective Transport Efficiency during DC3 using TOGA data and other species observed during DC3

Ron ThomasNew Mexico TechLightning Flash Length Estimation from Lightning Mapping Array Measurements

Sam DorsiUniversity of ColoradoMeasurements of Total Water Concentration during DC3

Samuel HallNCAR/ACDActinic flux measurements and photolysis frequencies enhancements near clouds during DC3 and TORERO

Si-Wan KimCIRES & NOAA/ESRLSurface ozone in Colorado during DC3 field campaign

Steve Williams, et. al.NCAR/EOLNCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) Scientific Data management

Suzanne Noelle CrumeyrolleNASA LaRCBiomass burning aerosol and cloud interactions

Timothy LangNASA MSFCElectrical anomalies observed during DC3

Tom HaniscoNASA GSFC Formaldehyde transport. Photochemistry and scavenging.

Vanna SullivanTexas Tech UniversityA comparison of the electrical characteristics of three different storm systems during DC3

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