Hilton Washington D.C./Silver Spring
4-5 May 2006
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Thursday, 4 May 2006
08:30 Introduction to AMMA International Research and Field Programme and rationale for the workshop Chris Thorncroft
09:10 I. Water Cycle (Chair: Paul Houser)  
  Introduction to key issues and International WG2 (30) Jean-Luc Redelsperger/Amadou Gaye
  Radars and lightning observations in Africa (30) Earle Williams and Manos Anagnostou
  The global water cycle and Sahel droughts (20) Aiguo Dai
10:30 Coffee  
10:50 I. Water Cycle (continued)
  Column dataset analyses from observations and models (20) Brian Mapes
  Downscaling of seasonal precipitation and climate variability (20) Sylwia Trzaska
  Scenario modeling of drought conditions and the effect on surface runoff in Wankama watershed in Niger (20) Baxter Vieux
12:10 Lunch  
01:40 II. Radiation-aerosol issues (Chair Pete Lamb)  
  The ARM mobile facility and related science issues (20) Mark Miller
  Aerosol-water cycle interaction; a new challenge for monsoon system research (30) Bill Lau
  Radiative heating rate profiles in the tropics (30) Sally McFarlane
  AMF In-situ aerosol from Niger: Preliminary data from the first three months (30) Anne Jefferson
  CLASIC and COPS: Land-Surface Field Experiments in 2007 Mark Miller
  Observations of from a major dust outbreak in West Africa (15) Gary Robinson
04:00 Coffee  
04:20 III. AMMA-downstream (Chair Greg Jenkins)  
  Overview of science issues and NASA-AMMA (20) Greg Jenkins
  Tropical cyclogenesis and the role of the SAL (20) Jason Dunion
  The application of ship-based radar datasets to AMMA objectives (20) Zuidema (pdf)
  NASA modeling project (20) Bill Lapenta
07:15 IV. Climate Variability and Change (Chairs: Alesandra Giannini/Bob Molinari)  
  A global climate system perspective on African climate variability and change (20) Alesandra Giannini
  Sahel forcing of multidecadal variability of vertical shear and tropical cyclones in the Atlantic (20) Anantha Aiyyer
  West African Monsoon Modeling Evaluation project (20) Yongkang Xue and Bill Lau
  Long-term observations to study the WAM and climate with emphasis on ocean-atmosphere interactions (20) Bob Molinari
Friday, 5 May 2006
08:30 V. Land surface feedbacks (Chair Eric Wood)  
  Introduction to international WG3 (20) Jan Polcher (pdf)
  Observational and diagnostic studies for AMMA (30) Alan Betts (pdf)
  LDAS systems for AMMA (20) Aaron Boone and Christa Peters-Lidard
  Regional and global teleconnections generated by land-cover change in African tropical regions (20) Roni Avissar
  Soil moisture feedbacks on rainfall generation in the AMMA region (20) Randy Koster
  West African Monsoons: Regional feedbacks and Local Impacts (30) Fatih Eltahir
10:50 Role of NCEP in AMMA (20) Jim Laver
11:10 Breakout Groups  
The following two presentations were made during the water cycle breakout
  AMMA-Africa in WG2: Water Cycle Amadou Gaye
  Representing convective organization in prediction models by a hybrid strategy Mitch Moncrieff
02:00 Data Policy Jan Polcher
  Data and datacenters Steve Williams
02:30 Conclusion of breakout groups and recommendations  
02:30 I. Water Cycle Paul Houser
02:50 II. Radiation/aerosol issues Mark Miller/Pete Lamb
03:10 III. Land surface atmosphere feedbacks Eric Wood
03:30 IV. AMMA downstream Greg Jenkins
03:50 V. Climate variability and change Alesandra Giannini/Bob Molinari
04:10 GEWEX presentation Rick Lawford
04:30 Inputs from US funding managers  
  Final Comments Chris Thorncroft

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