SCMS (Small Cumulus Microphysical Study)

SSSF (Now EOL) deployed an ISS Mobile CLASS, and three PAM III flux stations to support SCMS. The experiment was designed to study the relationship between horizontal convective rolls within the convective boundary layer and surface layer heat fluxes and surface layer wind profiles. Over 20 soundings were made from the Mobile CLASS during the first half of July 1995. The Mobile CLASS van was then used to log data from a tethered sonde system operated by the investigators during the last half of July and into August. The ISS operated from mid-July through mid-August providing surface data, wind and virtual temperature profiles, and CLASS sounding capability. Over 70 successful soundings were made from the ISS during the project. SCMS was the first field deployment of PAM III, using the three prototype Flux-PAM stations. In addition to the standard surface meteorological measurements, each Flux-PAM station also measured momentum flux, sensible and latent heat flux, net radiation, and soil heat flux. A lightning strike, some flooding, and a hurricane provided good shakedown tests for this prototype network.

Data and Reports


Photo of ISS4 of SCMS,
Looking North-northwest Photo of ISS4 of SCMS, Looking South-southeast
looking North-northwest
looking South-southeast

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