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33 Thu 14-Nov-2002sonic data swapped 3m.s1 & 6m.s1stn1_westoncley1
22 Fri 13-Sep-2002Stn1 CSAT up / Batt addedstn1_westmilitzer
21 Thu 12-Sep-2002CSAT at stn1 downstn1_westmaclean
20 Thu 12-Sep-2002Stn1 working againstn1_westmaclean
8 Fri 16-Aug-2002Changed freewave frequency keystn1_westmaclean

33: LOG, Site stn1_west, Thu 14-Nov-2002 16:55:52 MST, sonic data swapped 3m.s1 & 6m.s1
Prompted by Sean, I've determined that the ATI sonic signals were swapped 
between the 3m and 6m sensors at stn1.  My confirmation is a scatterplot of
T.6m with the signals called tc.3m and tc.6m, which I've shown in the attached
file for stn1 and stn3.  It is obvious that T.6m is better related to the 
signal currently labeled tc.3m.  Sean also observes that the wind and 
temperature profiles are better behaved using "swapped" data.

Thus, I'm about to change prep.config to reflect this situation.  We'll have
to rerun covars soon.

22: Sonic, Site stn1_west, Fri 13-Sep-2002 16:33:11 MDT, Stn1 CSAT up / Batt added
13Sep02, ~14:00 MDT

CSAT up.  At least it still was ~1.5 hours after doing the work.
It was still down upon arrival. Power cycled everything first (see
below) but it was still not coming in despite second
power cycle on the serializer.   When jumpered directly using
a different cable, the sonic responded and I could re-set it to 10hz.
Replaced serializer; then power cycled to make sure both came up OK.

Charge controller (and thus low-voltage-disconnect) and tiny 7AH battery
added.  I checked that the battery was getting charged and able to run
station by itself as well.

21: Sonic, Site stn1_west, Thu 12-Sep-2002 16:55:59 MDT, CSAT at stn1 down

The CSAT3 at 1m at station 1 is not working properly.  I am quite
sure it was generating good data after I powered up the station today,
but within the first hour EVE no longer reported data from it.

The CSAT3 command shows all NAs, and no csat data is coming
through fastout.

I tried several things, none of
which helped:
	power cycled the serializer several times
	power cycled eve
	power cycled the serializer again
	power cycled the sonic
	blew out some moisture from the front panel connector

If you do a talk to it from eve, it is transmitting binary
gibberish as it should, but somehow eve is not recognizing the
records.  It is as if it isn't sending the end-of-record bytes.

Using these commands:
it replies:

ET= 10 ts=i XD=d GN=443a TK=1 P=5 FK=0 RN=1 IT=1 DR=102 rx=2 fx=038 BX=0 AH=1  AT=0 RS=1 BR=0 RI=1 GO=00000 HA=0 6X=3 3X=2 PD=2 SD=0 ?d sa=1
WM=o ar=0 ZZ=0 DC=6  ELo=020 020 020 ELb=020 020 020 TNo=898 d TNb=998 JD= 007
C0o=-2-2-2 C0b=-2-2-2 RC=0 tlo=8 8 8 tlb=8 8 8 DTR=01740 CA=1 TD=  duty=028     AQ= 10 AC=1 CD=0 SR=1 X=0 MX=0 DT=02320 DTC=01160 RD=o ss=1 XP=2 RF=018 DS=007 SN0538 25oct01 HF=005 JC=3 CB=3 MD=5 DF=05000 RNA=1 rev 3.0a cs=10382 &=0 os= 

The only thing I know to look for is RS=1, which is correct.

To restart it, did:

It started spewing data, but EVE is not recognizing it.

20: EVEs, Site stn1_west, Thu 12-Sep-2002 16:40:22 MDT, Stn1 working again

Station 1 died Sep 11, at about 00:05 MDT (interesting timing). 

Steve Oncley checked that day, and found the power supply to
be dead, again.

I went up there today with a new supply.  After connecting the new
supply, the battery dragged the voltage from 13.9 to under 6 V.

Since the battery was probably damaged, or would take a long time
to get to sufficient voltage to power the station, I removed
the battery and lugged it back.

I also taped and raised off the ground all extension cord junctions
from the transformer to stn1.

The station was up at 13:00 MDT, but archive and covar were not
restarted until 16:00 and 16:30.

Archive had been killed when I made a change a few days ago,
and covar was getting errors writing to nc_server, because
nc_server had closed the connection due to lack of data.

8: Communications, Site stn1_west, Fri 16-Aug-2002 19:11:26 MDT, Changed freewave frequency key

Before I figured out why we were getting so many serial errors 
(see entry 6), I assumed the problem was with the RF communications.

I changed the frequency key from F to the following values on
the master radios:

stn1  ttyUSB0  571-2101  freq_key=0
stn3  ttyUSB1  571-2095  freq_key=1