Info for the Mexican Met Radars

NAME2004, La Cruz, Mexico
Jul/Aug 2004

Without excess verbage:

SMN Radar Locations (info from Jon Lutz GPS WGS84)

           Name           Latitude     Longitude   Elev (m)  Height to 
						   Twr Base  Antenna center
          Guasave         25:34.055   -108:27.80       60       25
	  Cabo San Lucas  22:52.872   -109:55.605     271	10
	  Obregon         27:28.909   -109:56.741      81	10
	  El Palmito	  25:45.336   -104:54.274    2209	10

                                   (height to feedhorn from twr base is an estimate)

Periods of operation

         Guasave         10-Jun-2004  thru  15-Sep-2004
                         (Data for 22-Jul thru 28-Jul lost due to system shut-down)

         Cabo San Lucas  16-Jul-2004  thru  14-Aug-2044
                         (operations ongoing)

Contact information

Responsibility for archiving, quality assurance, and distribution of the SMN Radar Data was not clearly defined prior to the start of the NAME_2004 project. Unofficially, I would provide the following list of contacts (where an incomplete e-mail is shown, add "" after the name):

Name Affiliation Function E-mail
Rit Carbone US National Center for Atmospheric Research Principal Investigator carbone
Arturo Valdez-Manzanilla Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua,
Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico
Principal Investigator ?
Tim Lang Colorado State University Scientist tlang (and add:
Jon Lutz US National Center for Atmospheric Research Radar Systems Engineer jon
David Ahijevych US National Center for Atmospheric Research Radar Meteorologist ahijevyc
Bob Rilling US National Center for Atmospheric Research Data Manager/
Radar Meteorologist

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