SMN Radar Data Status

S-Pol NAME2004, La Cruz, Mexico
Jul/Aug 2004

Wed Oct 6 13:16:19 MDT 2004 --- Status to date

A brief note on SMN data availability.

The Guasabe radar digital processor came on-line 10-Jun-2004; Los Cabos on 16-Jul-2004. Both radars are still logging data to removable disk, with the most recent data expected to be retrieved in the next week or two. Trouble was experienced with two of the removable disks, raising fears of significant data loss. Data were recovered for one of these disks (a loose internal connector likely), but the disk for Guasabe for the time period 12-Jul to 29-Jul is still not recoverable. The manufacturer has been contacted for advice and an RMA number issued (Jon Lutz is handling this).

Please note that we have some reasonable hope for the recovery of the data on the problematic Guasabe disk. The disk did record data in the field, as verified at the time the disk was retrieved. The disk spins smoothly, but is not recognized as formatted by any operating system. Our suspicion is that the internal disk interface has a damaged component, and that the manufacturer will be able to assist in data recovery.

There are known time and calibration corrections required for some of the SMN data. A summary of known issues is being prepared. There are likely yet-to-be-determined issues, as well.

The ATD radar data translator (xltrs) has been tested and found to work on the SMN data. The translator was not tested to apply a clock offset, nor was a calibration/reflectivity correction applied.

All available raw SMN Radar data for Los Cabos and Guasabe are archived on NCAR MSS. The mass-store pathname for the raw SMN data files begins with /ATD/STOR/2004/NAME2004/SMN_radars/raw. Users of NCAR computer systems can download these files via the msrcp command. A full listing of current mass-store SMN data sets is available.

--- Bob Rilling --- / NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory
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