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191 Wed 11-Aug-2004P. Penasco Motosat problemsISS2 (Puerto Penasco)Lou

191: INFO, Site ISS2 (Puerto Penasco), Wed 11-Aug-2004 19:07:47 GMT, P. Penasco Motosat problems
Since yesterday afternoon I've been working with the operators at Penasco to fix the motosat system. In theory the system should be working. All tests have have worked fine . System passed calibrate sensors ,good sat numbers for strengh and quality. System has been shutdown and rebooted ,dish stowed and brought up
 again. GPS up dates when refreshed.
Still time out error messages when attempting to go to any web site.
 Currently waiting on a return call from Eagle Computers to discuss what could 
be happening.
 From what operators have said porblems started after some disruption in power
to the system.