The following ATD facilities used in MICROFRONTS95:

In addition, other organizations took data:

The UCAR Office of Field Program Support (OFPS) has National Weather Service products, and will eventually have all of the above data, available through their CODIAC system.

(The following is paraphrased from the "MICROFRONTS EXPERIMENT Operations and Data Management Plans" by W. Blumen and L. Mahrt.)

This experiment was to study coherent structures in the atmospheric surface layer since they are responsible for most of the transport of momentum, heat, and other scalar quantities. Hotwire anemometer measurements were made at high temporal resolution to investigate the edges of these structures, known as microfronts. The specific scientific objectives were:


South Tower Site
(with North Towers in the background).

North Tower Site

Radiation Stand

Radiation Sensors

Shelter for Hotwire Electronics

ASTER and CLASS Trailers

Panoramic View near the South Site (taken during the site survey in October, 1994) with views (from top to bottom) to the SW-W, NW-N, NE-E, and SE-S.

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