LABEX 95 (LAke Breeze EXperiment)

Three ISS were deployed around Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida in support of the LABEX. The experiment was designed by investigators at Iowa State University to examine boundary layer circulations and thermodynamic changes induced by lakes of small to moderate size. The ISS installations provided surface data, wind and virtual temperature profiles, and balloon-borne CLASS soundings. Approximately 20 CLASS soundings were taken during this one week experiment.

Summary of Scientific Objectives

The prime goal of the Lake Breeze Experiment was to provide initial observational documentation of lake breeze circulations around lakes of small-to-moderate size (several km to tens of km). The data obtained will be used to determine the interrelationship between the breeze intensity, depth, onshore penetration, and the lake horizontal scale and horizontal thermal contrast. Project results will also be used to initialize and validate numerical model simulations.

Data and Reports

  • LABEX 95 CLASS Soundings
    Soundings by day
    Soundings by station
  • LABEX ISS Data Report
    Chapter 1 - LABEX Program Summary
    Chapter 2 - LABEX Project Data Quality Review
    Chapter 3 - Sounding Data Analysis


    photo of Labex - Pahokee site Pahokee ISS site
    photo of Labex - Clewiston site Clewiston ISS site
    photo of Labex - Okeechobee site Okeechobee ISS site