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5 Thu 10-Jan-2002Site Setup and GPS coordsBill

5: SETUP, Site , Thu 10-Jan-2002 23:46:15 GMT, Site Setup and GPS coords

Lat   40d 27.39m N    40.4565
Lon  106d 48.83m W   106.8138
Alt 2076m

Setting up site in SE corner of Meadows parking lot at Steamboat,
about 100m north of tennis bubble.


	1299 Profiler
	Met station (T, RH, P, Wind)
	Solar radiation (vis, IR, net)
	two snow guages
	GLASS sounding system
	Sensors on gondola (P, T, RH, nephlometer)

Setup proceeding well.
Both profilers running.  Having some problems with gating cable on MAPR, 
results in weak echoes even though meter on TX indicates full power.  
With suitable fiddling (Mike working on connectors in dogbox) it seems 
to be okay.

MAPR is using a raidzone (1.5 TB) for data (tms & cor) backup
(plus exabyte tapes for 2nd copy of tms files).

Networking problems, fixed by using fixed IP addresses instead of DHCP.

Comms - using a 2.4 GHz freewave link to a phone line in the tennis
bubble office.