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Entry Date Title Site Author #Graphics
47 Mon 04-Feb-2002TX monitor softwareSNOWFALL02Steve
32 Mon 28-Jan-2002Level profiler antennasSNOWFALL02Bill
12 Wed 16-Jan-2002Profilers - antenna orienationSNOWFALL02Bill

47: RADAR, Site SNOWFALL02, Mon 04-Feb-2002 16:55:12 GMT, TX monitor software
To restart Mike's labview program to monitor the Tx power:

Use ICON:  shortcut to serial_prog.llb
In bottom left window (Path to file) enter: "C:\tmp\steamboat.txt"
In bottom right window (amplifier command) enter: "fo"
(will show forward power)
At top click "two arrows chasing each other in a circle" symbol
This will start displaying forward power every minute.
Typical values are between 50% and 80% (?) but don't worry unless
it goes to zero.

This monitor is crude and primarily indicates that the system is running

32: RADAR, Site SNOWFALL02, Mon 28-Jan-2002 00:41:34 GMT, Level profiler antennas
Both profiler antennas had moved a little from vertical.
Since there is ice underneath them, this was expected.
The ice has been melting a little on warm days, eg, today there was
a lake a couple of cm and a metre or two across next to mapr.

MAPR was tilted about 0.3 deg towards the southwest.

The 1299 was tilted about 0.5 deg towards the south.

The antennas were re-levelled 23UT - 24UT on Jan 27.

12: RADAR, Site SNOWFALL02, Wed 16-Jan-2002 01:11:56 GMT, Profilers - antenna orienation
0-1 side orientated 224 deg east of true north 

xvert (X+) orientated 241 deg east of true north

(above directions have been corrected for magnetic declination of 11 deg)