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ATD... MM5 Plots for IHOP valid on 20020514

The images are from the last 8 hours of a 15 hour forecast made with the NCAR/PSU mesoscale model MM5 Version 3 using dynamic initialization period of 4 hours. The model is forced with output data from the operational forecasts from AWIP3D Eta 12 km model. We use two levels of nesting to produce a high resolution (1.333 km) simulation centered on SPOL in the OK panhandle. The images are divided into four categories. There is a separate index page for each category with thumbnail images of all the plots in that category.

Category Domain Description
Time-height d1 d2 d3 Time-height plots for SPOL
Spatial cross-sections d1 d2 d3 Spatial cross-sections (horizontal versus height) between a point west of SPOL and east of Homestead
Horizontal Thermodynamic Fields d1 d2 d3 Contour plots in the horizontal plane
Horizontal Microphysics Fields d1 d2 d3 Contour plots in the horizontal plane of clouds and precip
Convection Fields d1 d2 d3 Contour plots in the horizontal plane of Convection Predictors

To select images directly by filename instead of through the thumbnail pages, see the tables of filenames at the end of this page. See below for an explanation of the filenames.

The model output images will be available by 1100 MST each day. The actual model output data will be archived on the NCAR Mass Store.

Each image filename has this general form:

pref + yyyymmdd_hh.png
The prefix (pref) denotes the plotted variable, (yyyy) is the year, (mm) is the month, (dd) is the day and (hh) is a time (UTC). For (*tht*) files, (hh) is the forecast initalization time, while for all other files (hh) is the forecast hour of the model run. To get verification time add the forecast time to the initialization time.

The prefix (pref) has the following meanings:

tt900temperature at 900 mb (C)
tadv900temperature advection at 900 mb
qcwcloud water content at 900 mb(g kg-1)
qcicloud ice content at 900 mb(g kg-1)
cldintcloud water path (mm)
tercross section location and terrain (m)
xww_uvcross section: horizontal wind vectors and vertical velocity(m s-1/ cm s-1)
SPOL_thttime-height contour plot at Spol
Home_thttime-height contour plot at Homestead
xdenotes spatial cross section

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