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Entry Date Title Site Author #Graphics
1 Thu 29-Apr-2004Logbook creatednoneaster
2 Thu 29-Apr-2004System upmarshallmaclean
7 Thu 29-Apr-2004sonic didsmarshallhorst
9 Mon 03-May-2004Fixed duplicate channel number 203 in prep.configmarshallhorst
16 Fri 14-May-2004shut down Marshallmarshallhorst

1: LOG, Site none, Thu 29-Apr-2004 11:19:51 MDT, Logbook created
initial log file /home/isff/aster/projects/OHATS/logbook/tklog.log created by USER aster
2: LOG, Site marshall, Thu 29-Apr-2004 11:21:39 MDT, System up
Sonics on goal-post, data system up, network operational
7: LOG, Site marshall, Thu 29-Apr-2004 14:54:02 MDT, sonic dids
I changed the dids from l{1:4}.4.5m and u{1:4}.5m to the actual heights,
l{1:4}.4.75m and u{1:4}.5.27m.  Changes made in ops0/prep.config and 
ops0/covar.config.  Gordon said he would restart covars.

9: LOG, Site marshall, Mon 03-May-2004 11:28:33 MDT, Fixed duplicate channel number 203 in prep.config
In prep.config, two successive channels were designated 203, when they
should have been 202, 203.  I fixed this at 11:30 MDT and Gordon
restarted the processes.

16: LOG, Site marshall, Fri 14-May-2004 12:21:40 MDT, shut down Marshall
We shut down data collection at Marshall around noon today (Friday, May 14).
We plan to tear down the sensors and data system this afternoon.