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Entry Date Title Site Author #Graphics
181 Wed 27-Dec-2006Prop vane has been quality controlledAllaster
142 Fri 27-Oct-2006Prop at rimRimSemmer
140 Thu 26-Oct-2006PROP change at rimRimSemmer
127 Wed 25-Oct-2006Prop test at RimRimSemmer
124 Tue 24-Oct-20062.8m(?) prop at rimRimSemmer
119 Tue 24-Oct-2006Prop head replaced at rimRimSemmer
4 Tue 03-Oct-2006Measured prop vane boom angleSouthwestHorst

181: Prop_Vane, Site All, Wed 27-Dec-2006 21:04:59 MST, Prop vane has been quality controlled
The prop vane has been quality controlled

1. Dir and Spd for sw, everything ok
2. Dir.10m.rim had to fix boom angle for a short period and removed data for the mast down.

note: data was also removed for mast down on the krypton and csat at rim
142: Prop_Vane, Site Rim, Fri 27-Oct-2006 10:19:16 MST, Prop at rim
The 10m prop at rim does read lower than the 3m sonic so this may be a true
event we have been seeing there.

140: Prop_Vane, Site Rim, Thu 26-Oct-2006 17:05:10 MST, PROP change at rim
The prop has been changed at the rim site. The unit that was at 3m was moved
to the 10m height. The boom direction was changed to 270 degrees at ~17:00
local time..
This work took place between 15:30 and 16:30 local time.

5/23/07, TWH:

Missing data from 16:01 to 16:18 is perhaps when prop was moved up.
127: Prop_Vane, Site Rim, Wed 25-Oct-2006 10:02:23 MST, Prop test at Rim
The prop test at rim was a success. There was very good agreement between the
~3m unit and the sonic. We will move the 3m prop up to the 10m height.
NOTE: It is too windy this afternoon to change lower the PAM mast. Will try to
do it first thing in the morning.

124: Prop_Vane, Site Rim, Tue 24-Oct-2006 16:54:32 MST, 2.8m(?) prop at rim
Since there is not an IOP going on we decided to run a test at rim.
The 10m prop is consistantly reading lower than the 3m sonic so we mounted
another prop at about 2.8m. The prop data now is at the lower height (decided
to use ttyS4 since it was configured correctly). If the lower prop and sonic
agree then we will move the lower prop to the 10m height.
NOTE: the boom angle was not set therefore direction is bad!
This visit took place from 15:30 to 14:15 local time.

119: Prop_Vane, Site Rim, Tue 24-Oct-2006 09:22:12 MST, Prop head replaced at rim
This work took place on Oct 23.
After replacing the sonic at rim, it was noted that the prop speed was
consistently lower than the sonic. When replacing the sonic Steve O. noticed
that the prop head bearings sounded rough. So replaced the prop head.
Mast down approximately between 11:00 and 12:00.

4: Prop_Vane, Site Southwest, Tue 03-Oct-2006 17:53:17 MST, Measured prop vane boom angle
I calibrated the data scope and entered the local declination of 12.2 deg E.
Then I measured the orientation of the prop vane boom to be 180 deg + 91.5 deg
=271.5 degrees true.
A second prop measurement was made on 10/26/06: reading was 269